Woman Pays Hundreds For Tattoo Then Realises Very Rude Design Flaw

A TikToker payed hundreds for a tattoo before realising a very unique design flaw. Watch video below:

Crystal Ship Kelly has over 200,000 followers on TikTok and showed off her new ram skull tat on her midriff, which covers her belly button and goes down to her bikini line.

The clip begins with Kelly questioning a user’s comment that she uploaded onto the screen.

Kelly asks: « I really don’t get it, you can tell it’s a skull, no? »

The user replies: « Obviously he meant that the tattoo looks like legs and the belly button is where the *cat emoji* would be. »

Credit: TikTok/@crystalshipkelly
Credit: TikTok/@crystalshipkelly

After a few seconds, she pulls her jeans up and down, finally noticing the design flaw.

« Oh F***, for f**** sake, » she says.

The text overlay then reads: « I see it. »

Credit: TikTok/@crystalshipkelly
Credit: TikTok/@crystalshipkelly

Users, as always, were quick to voice their opinion with many believing the design to be quite rude.

One user wrote: « Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. »

Whilst a second user jokingly asks: « Wait…so it’s a granny in stockings…..or a goat skull..? »

Kelly concludes: « Only wearing low rise jeans from now on! »

The social media star took to Instagram to explain her scar on her belly button that adds to the design illusion many are referring to.

She said: « So for international woman’s day I didn’t want to post a glam picture of me, instead I wanted to post something I’m so insecure about, say hello to my smiley belly.

« This is my caesarean and hysterectomy scar, I had a full hysterectomy when I was 25 due to endometriosis. As women we have many battles, we constantly battle with our own bodies and dream of better ones.

Credit: Instagram/@crystalshipkelly
Credit: Instagram/@crystalshipkelly

« We all have flaws and that’s ok! I’m still learning to love the body I’m in but I’m getting there! To all my queens out there you are fucking fabulous. Keep praising each other, keep cheering each other on! Happy international women’s day. »

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Credit: Newsflash
Credit: Newsflash

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