Wolverine’s Just Lost His Powers And It’s Going To Kill Him

Red Skull has acquired a power that wipes Marvel heroes of their powers – and Wolverine’s depowering is absolutely devastating.

Warning! Spoilers for Tech-On Avengers #1 by Marvel Comics below

Marvel’s greatest heroes just lost their superpowers thanks to the Red Skull, and Wolverine’s transformation is as bad as it gets. In Tech-On Avengers #1, everyone from Captain America to the Black Panther was stripped of their powers thanks to remnants of the Infinity Stones. While some heroes barely changed after the mass loss of superhuman abilities, Wolverine’s depowering just about killed the hero.

Tech-On Avengers is a collaboration between Marvel Comics and BANDAI Spirits, which features the universe’s greatest heroes getting their own custom Iron Man mechs after getting depowered. The custom mech suits look awesome and are being turned into a toyline by SHFiguarts. Wolverine is among those getting their own custom mech suits, but before the longtime X-Man suits up the Tony Stark-built armor, he has to undergo serious challenges after nearly losing his life – as losing his healing factor and still having adamantium in his bones is a toxic mix.

In Tech-On Avengers #1 by Jim Zub, Jeff « Chamba » Cruz, and VC’s Travis Lanham, the Avengers reveal that they defeated Thanos and successfully destroyed the Infinity Stones. But, their victory celebration is short-lived, as Red Skull attacks the superteam. Red Skull reveals he’s obtained Infinity Shards after collecting leftover dust from the Infinity Stones and that while he doesn’t have their full power, he can change the Avengers forever. The villain uses the shards to depower Marvel’s greatest heroes; Captain America turns back to the skinny hero he was before getting the Super-Soldier Serum, and Spider-Man loses his spider-senses. Wolverine gets it the worst as he immediately collapses in pain.

Wolverine Dying Marvel Comics

After getting away from the Red Skull, the heroes regroup. When Black Panther asks how Wolverine is doing, Shuri reveals his body is struggling to function properly thanks to the adamantium on his bones. Placed in a medically induced coma, Shuri gives him a 10% chance of living as she believed if he doesn’t get better soon, they’ll have to try to remove the metal from his bones.

It’s little surprise Wolverine was hit the hardest among his fellow X-Men and Avengers. His adamantium-infused bones make him a dangerous hero, but without his powers, he’s just a husk of metal with no healing factor. Somehow, by issues end, Wolverine is recovered enough to join the Iron Avengers in his own mech suit. But, until Shuri, Tony Stark, or someone else figures out how to reverse Red Skull’s depowering, Wolverine might not last very long. Right now, he’s barely hanging on. Tech-On Avengers #1 is in comic book stores now.

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