Why the Red Skull’s Daughter Is SCARIER Than Him

The Red Skull might be one of Marvel’s most dangerous villains, but the daughter of Captain America’s nemesis is just as dangerous as her dad.

With the Avengers and as a solo hero, Captain America has long defended the world against dark and deadly ideologies, facing off with all kinds of peoples who embraced dark philosophies such as the Red Skull — as well as being forced to deal with the damaged killers left in their wake.

Now, we’re taking a closer look at Sin, the daughter of the Red Skull, and why she might actually be a more unsettling character than her father.

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Sinthea Schmidt first appeared in 1984’s Captain America #290 by J.M. DeMatteis and Paul Neary. The daughter of the Red Skull and raised by Susan Scarbo — aka the villainous Mother Night — Sinthea was raised with her father’s hateful views taught to her as doctrine. After being quickly aged into adulthood, Sin became a champion for her father’s cause as the monstrous Mother Superior. But even after she was de-aged and reprogrammed by SHIELD to have a regular civilian life, she was drawn back into the conflict between Captain America and her father by his disciple, Crossbones. Since then, Sin has been a frequent foe of the people who’ve taken up the mantle of Captain America, taking part in the assassination of Steve Rogers and confronting Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. She’s even been briefly scarred like her father.

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Although she spent time as the new Red Skull following the apparent demise of her father, Sin’s most notable alternate identity came during the events of Fear Itself. Working with Baron Zemo, Sin was able to find the Hammer of Skadi — transforming her into a champion for Cul Borson, the nefarious brother of Odin. As Skadi, Sin was able to bring a number of corrupting hammers to people all around the world, causing widespread chaos and bloodshed. She attacked Washington DC with an army of Nazis, successfully wounding Bucky Barnes and only failing when confronted with a returned Steve Rogers wielding Mjolnir. Sin has worked alongside the forces allied with her father, taking part in the events of Secret Empire and even helping form Neo-Hydra to try and set off the events that led to Old Man Logan’s reality.

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While her father may hold a special place as Captain America’s greatest nemesis, Sin’s fearsome actions speak for themselves. Despite her lack of technical superpowers, she’s become a trained killer and a fierce leader, commanding HYDRA forces just as well as her father ever did. She also has a violent and unpredictable side that’s even more difficult to work around than Red Skull himself. Sin has opened fire on civilians with no remorse and tried to foster the deaths of the Avengers not just as part of an overarching plan but for the sheer thrill of seeing her enemies die violent deaths at the hands of herself and her allies. Like her father, she also proves surprising durability — coming back from the brink of death multiple times to endanger innocent lives.

If anything, Sin is living proof of how dark Red Skull’s influence can be on someone. Perhaps in another world, Sinthea could have gotten the chance to escape her father’s shadow and grow up to be free of his darkness. Despite the moral conflict with removing someone’s memories, perhaps doing so could have allowed Sinthia to have a normal life. But due to the influence of the Red Skull and the people who follow him, Sin never had a chance. Instead, she’s become one of the deadliest foes Captain America has in the modern-day, with a level of brutality and hate in her heart that even Cul finds impressive. Sin is a reminder of what indoctrination can do to someone, and the kind of monsters that Red Skull’s teachings only beget.

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