What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is – A Review

Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

Overall Ranking: 98/100

Price: First 30 searches $0, Pro Membership $19 monthly, Enterprise Membership $49 monthly

Owners: Kyle and Carson


What’s all the talk about search engine optimization (SEO), keyword search, and keyword research? What is a keyword tool? What is a keyword tool for? What is Google keyword tool for? What is Jaaxy keyword tool? What is Jaaxy keyword tool for? Who is Jaaxy anyway? This is a Jaaxy keyword tool review and will focus on what the Jaaxy keyword tool is, what its benefits are, and how it can help anyone is interested in keywords.

Keywords are what are used to find websites, articles, subject matter, and whatever is being sought or searched for online.

The most common resource is Google. The name has become synonymous with internet search. It’s doubtful that will change anytime soon.

A keyword search tool, which includes Jaaxy picks up where Google leaves off.

If you’re going to post something online, how valuable would it be to have a tool that helps you determine what keywords people are using to find something online, especially if that something is whatever it is you want to tell the world?

When searching for a keyword search tool, what are some of the things you’d want the tool to do for you?

Would it help if there were other features and benefits? Would it help to know how frequently certain keywords are searched and how many times the searches are followed up on? Would it help to know how many other websites are using the same keywords?

Does the cost of such a tool matter?

If you could try it for free before making a decision about paying for it, how would that influence you?


The Good

  • More than simply a keyword search tool
  • Competing websites for same keyword (QSR)
  • Search analysis included
  • Ability to create customized lists of keywords
  • Search history included
  • Search for niches
  • Affiliate program search included
  • Jaaxy affiliate program offered
  • Website ranking included
  • Brainstorm queue included
  • Multiple price levels (Free, Pro, Enterprise)
  • Easy to use
  • Training included


  • Possible information overload if you try to absorb too much too soon
  • No visible support tab once inside website
  • Funny name
  • Easy to become dependent on it


Anyone who has any interest or anything to do with internet marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, or anything that is written and posted online, and who is interested in keywords.


Training is provided via video that is narrated and conducted by one of the co-founders who walks viewers through different processes step by step.

The videos can be viewed over and over


If and when the need for help or support arises, although there is no visible tab once inside the website, there is a blog. Questions and concerns can be posted there.

There is also a « contact us » tab at the sign in page/order page where an e mail can be sent. A response to the email is timely, usually the same day.

Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and those taking advantage of the WA free-trial membership can also receive support via the WA live chat or private message, which includes the ability to send private messages to the owners, who also own Jaaxy.

On the other hand, there is very little need for support as everything is so well explained and available.


There are 3 price points:

Free-first 30 searches cost $0 when you sign up for a free account

Pro–$19 per month that allows for unlimited searches and full benefits

Enterprise–$49 per month for power users who want more of everything and want it quicker. There is nothing better anywhere!


A Jaaxy search for keywords is easy to use and provides valuable and easy to understand information. For example:

  • How many times in the past month the keyword has been searched
  • How many of those searches resulted in clicking to the number 1 site for the keyword
  • How many other websites contain the keyword(s)
  • A simple color-coded system (green, yellow, red) SEO rating of the keyword
  • Availability of domain name for any keyword

Beginners, which I was when I first got started and learned of Jaaxy, become intermediate users quickly. Intermediate users can become experts just as quickly. Advanced users who want more of everything as quickly as they can get it have their own classification.

The ability to try the service free of charge and be able to get a feel for it before paying for it is a great feature.

There are no contracts to sign. It is a month-to-month service that can be canceled at any time.

There is no obligation or credit card necessary to take advantage of the free trial. Simply complete the registration and start searching. If and when you realize its value, upgrading is a snap.

I have come to depend on Jaaxy before I write any article, review, or anything that I plan to post online, including this review.

The beauty is, I don’t need to use it the entire time, although I could if I wanted to. I only need it to get myself started. I can use it as a reference if needed after that.

I highly recommend Jaaxy. I currently use the pro version and I am as satisfied as I can be.

When writing this review I had to think long and hard for the « cons » in the pros and cons section.

Sign up for your free account and start searching!