Valheim Giant Skull Build Makes Player Look Tiny By Comparison

Relying on Valheim mods’ extreme functionality, a player carves an almost perfect giant skull that is huge enough to make a player look puny.

An inventive Valheim player managed to sculpt an intricately designed giant skull, which makes an in-game character look tiny in comparison to it. That’s quite an impressive display of using mods to enrich the indie sleeper’s building mechanics, although the vanilla client also offers exciting opportunities to create amazing structures, as numerous times demonstrated by gamers.

One of the recent admirable Valheim creations that didn’t rely on any mods to succeed was a massive mountain base executed in the distinctive Japanese style. The build included several structures located by the central one, a tall pagoda-like temple featuring traditional hip-and-gable Asian roofs. The rest of the territory was occupied by a couple of graceful towers and a set of torii, traditional Japanese structures, which are elegant gates that convey a symbolic meaning of transferring into a sacred realm. A somewhat similar mystical atmosphere is shared by the next ingenious project.

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The latest Valheim building masterpiece by Redditor britzerland, who previously built a Renaissance bust of David in Valheim out of 3,000 item stands, is a meticulously sculpted giant skull, which makes viewers believe Jotunns actually roam the realms of the survival game. Compared to the player’s tiny character model, the perfectly carved cranium looks absolutely enormous. Such a complicated shape, however, is impossible to recreate in vanilla Valheim. According to britzerland, one will require specific external solutions like Gizmo mod or Valheim Plus (or a combination of both) to achieve the same results by rotating in-game assets in any desired direction. The player, however, resorted to a completely different approach by using the popular Blender 3D editor in conjunction with Buildshare mod to save uniquely sculpted structures into meshes for later use in the game.

Valheim players often utilize mods with extreme functionality to make the most out of the game’s building mechanics. One ingenious creator, for instance, managed to build a giant statue of a terrifying anglerfish monster that is massive and scary enough to audition for the role of Valheim’s next boss. The creature is portrayed washed ashore, having eaten a poor Troll that looks tiny in the fish’s giant mouth full of needle-sharp teeth.

Just like numerous previous attempts, the latest Valheim mod-powered build is an impressive demonstration of one’s skill, but at the same time, it questions the game’s basic functionality. Enabling free rotation of the title’s building assets is seemingly a simple technical solution, which has been effectively realized by several talented modders. If players can do it this easily, not breaking the game in the slightest, the developers should probably include such a functionality in the vanilla game. Or even outright hire modders in the team which shouldn’t be a problem considering Valheim’s success in sales.

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Valheim is available on PC.

Source: britzerland/Reddit

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