Valheim Boss Slayer Turns Bonemass Trophies Into Throne Of Skulls

An adventurous Valheim player slays one of the game’s bosses, Bonemass, over 20 times to get enough Bonemass Trophies for a Throne of Skulls.

An adventurous Valheim player managed to slay Bonemass, one of the game’s hardest bosses, over two dozen times, turning the gathered trophies into a brutal looking Throne of Skulls. That’s one way to handle tough enemies in the game, although some modders have discovered a different, more peaceful approach.

Thanks to the functionality of a very peculiar Valheim mod, almost any living creature, including bosses, can be effectively tamed by players. There are a few exceptions to this, such as deer and fish. Additionally, certain NPCs cannot be tamed, though that still leaves a lot of opportunities for players. Basically, using this mod, players can have almost any powerful being on their side, making the exploration of the game’s hostile world much more comfortable and safe.

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An enthusiastic Valheim boss slayer, named TheLargePineCone on Reddit, purposefully eliminated Bonemass, one of the hardest bosses in the game, over twenty times, in order to harvest the monster’s signature trophy. Bonemass Trophies look like blobs of goo with several bones and human skulls sticking out of them, which makes them a rather gruesome decoration. The player, however, has gone even further, using the gathered items to build a vicious looking Throne of Skulls. This is a far less practical purpose than the one for which they’re intended, but the results speak for themselves.

Many players will find Valheim’s bosses to be mighty opponents, requiring extreme effort to vanquish. This wasn’t the case for one crafty breeder, though, as this player took an impressive pack of 50 two-star wolves into a battle against Yagluth. The combined power of the tamed predators was enough to slaughter the boss even before it managed to finish its entry animation.

Like many other crafting/survival games on the market, Valheim allows players to decorate their builds with literally anything that can be obtained during gameplay. This most recent display of home decorating might very well inspire fans of the Viking-themed title to give their own inventories second look. Perhaps there are other smart decorative solutions hidden in plain sight and waiting to be discovered.

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Source: TheLargePineCone

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