Tyson Fury Says He’ll Have To ‘Crack’ Deontay Wilder’s Skull Again

After Fury, 32, beat fight Wilder, 35, in a rematch last February, he was due to take him on again in July that year, but the contest was postponed due to the pandemic.

Fury then refused the new date put forward by Wilder’s team, saying he would simply move on – setting up a fight with Anthony Joshua for August this year.

However, earlier this week, a US judge ruled that Fury must take on Wilder instead, as per the contract.

This means it looks like they’re back on track for another scuffle, with reports suggesting Fury’s only way out would be by paying Wilder a lot of cash.

Fury has now claimed that Wilder has requested $20 million (£14m) to move the fight over, saying his opponent is a ‘joker’.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

In an Instagram Story, Fury said it now appears that he’ll ‘have to crack his skull again’, implying that the fight will be going ahead.

Posting an upside-down video of Wilder with new trainer Malik Scott, he wrote: « What a joke @bronzebomber has become.

« Asked for 20 million to move over #joker.

« Looks like I have to crack his skull again! »

Credit: Instagram/Tyson Fury
Credit: Instagram/Tyson Fury

Scott has also posted online, claiming Wilder ‘declined and had no interest in step-aside money’.

He said: « He wants blood and not step-aside money.

« Retribution is upon us. »

After facing delays, Wilder’s team wanted to move the bout to 2021, but Fury refused – at which point, American judge Daniel Weinstein stepped in and sided with Wilder.

Weinstein ruled in mediation that Wilder has a right to face Fury for a third time, at some point before 15 September.

The day before Monday’s arbitration hearing, Fury vowed to ‘smash Anthony Joshua on the biggest stage of all time’.

The duo would be making history as they contest all four world heavyweight titles for the first time in the sport’s history.

According to the BBC, there is a chance Fury could cough up a hefty sum to sidestep the fight with Wilder and clash with Joshua instead.

The outlet reports: « The mediation outcome does not necessarily mean a Fury-Joshua fight cannot take place in August but fresh deals will now need to be struck for it to do so.

« That could mean Wilder being offered money to allow Fury-Joshua to take place. »

But by the sounds of things, Fury would much rather keep his riches and get skull-cracking instead.