The Untold Truth Of Skeletor

When Skeletor was first created, he was, as designer Mark Taylor shares in « The Toys That Made Us, » « the very essence of evil. » Filmation’s « He-Man and the Masters of the Universe » series bible describes Skeletor as the last remaining ruler of Infinita, Eternia’s evil twin planet inhabited with demons and monsters. He was an « evil, megalomaniacal, power-mad monster » determined to conquer Eternia. Admittedly, none of this was ever mentioned on the show, but it was the basis for Skeletor’s stories.

Then Mattel launched She-Ra, and for her cartoon debut, they whipped up a being far more powerful and more evil than Skeletor: Hordak. 

This villain had been successful in enslaving an entire world –- Eternia’s twin planet, Etheria, which had replaced the never-officially-mentioned Infinita. Hordak had even kidnapped a newborn baby — Adora, AKA She-Ra — and brainwashed her into serving in his army, the Horde. What’s more, he knew Skeletor not as an equal, but as his one-time apprentice. 

Skeletor never managed to conquer an entire world, and the magical power he’d amassed had been learned from Hordak. Granted, « She-Ra: Princess of Power » established that Skeletor’s power had grown considerably since his Hordak days, but suddenly this mysterious demonic figure with no real past seemed a bit less intimidating. He’d just been another lackey. A cog in the machine. It was an undermining backstory that has stuck ever since.