Skull Session: Von Miller Praises Ohio State, Michigan is Reportedly Cheating, and Buckeyes Tour Hall of Fame

Click « play » to see a former Ohio State offensive lineman and NFL All-Pro get absolutely leveled by a bull rush.

I guess they were right. Low man does always win.

Word of the Day: Stalwart.

 “THESE OHIO STATE GUYS CAN PLAY.” Von Miller is an 8x Pro Bowler, a Super Bowl MVP, and a former Rookie of the Year.

Needless to say, he knows a little something about being immediately successful in the NFL. And he sees something special in the young guys who come out of Ohio State.

And that train ain’t stopping anytime soon, Von.

 CHEATING? AT MICHIGAN? NEVER! Doing things « the right way » is the only thing a Michigan Man has left at this point.

Well folks, I have some news.

In the Michigan community directory and on the athletic department’s website, Ryan Osborn is listed as an analyst. It’s a vague title with a job description even more nebulous. The role was created more than a decade ago as deep-pocketed football programs invested their money in personnel and built outsized staffs that numbered in the dozens.

The men who hold these positions tend to operate in the shadows while scouting opponents, formulating detailed game plans, crunching data and consulting with the on-field assistants.

What they can’t do, according to the NCAA, is coach.

But multiple people inside the program have said Osborn was doing just that.

“The reality is Nua is more like a D-tackles coach right now,” Upshaw said. “Coach Osborn is really our main guy. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s a good coach. You can tell just with his passion and the things he’s getting us right with our technique. »

Upshaw wasn’t the only one who raved about Osborn’s impact training the team’s collection of outside linebackers and defensive ends.

An anonymous Michigan edge player told the Free Press in May that Osborn helped refine his footwork and taught a different way to “flip our hips.”

He then added, “Coach Nua and Coach Oz, it’s interchangeable…They are interchangeable, man. They serve the same purpose. They’re both coaches. Nobody is doing more or less.”

Now, to be clear, I could not care less if Michigan had 35 coaches for each position at this point. It’s not going to make a bit of a difference come November. Also, I don’t even really think this is all that big of a deal on the surface. I’m sure every program has had an analyst overstep its limits at some point.

But what makes this absolutely hilarious is how Michigan Men downright insist that the only reason they’re bad is that everyone else cheats, and they’re absolutely squeaky clean. And it’s not like this is an accident, the article outlines how they’ve been caught breaking this rule before and how Jim Harbaugh explained that it would not happen again.

“Hard to beat the cheaters,” Harbaugh said in the John U. Bacon book Overtime.

Turns out, it’s not! Ohio State’s been doing it every November for nearly two decades.

 A TRIP TO CANTON. The Buckeyes got the chance to practice in the Hall of Fame Stadium up in Canton and tour the Pro Football Hall of Fame – where I’d wager some of them will have busts one day.

A solid move by Ryan Day. Those guys should probably start getting familiar with Canton while they’re still young if they’re going to be immortalized there in the future.

 CONTEST WINNERS. With all the stuff going on with my mom, I completely forgot to announce the winners of the « tell a Michigan joke, win a book » sweepstakes from last week. I do very much apologize.

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