Skull Session: The NCAA Has No Idea What to Do About NIL, the NFL Combine Might Be On the Move, and the Pac-12 is Filled With Big Babies

The call to the bullpen has been made.

I get it, Kevin. I do.

Sometimes the grind can wear down your brittle bones into dust, and you’ve gotta call in the cavalry to make sure that this whole thing gets taken care of. A clarion call for help that echoes over the tubes of the internet has reached my ears, and as per usual I am more than happy to climb out of my bath tub filled with piles of cash and sapphires and rubies and bail you out, much like Cincinnatus before me.

And longtime 11W readers know that I’m more than qualified to write a Skully or two; hell, I’m even qualified to not write a Skully (if you know you know). Point is, I’m the damn paterfamilias here, and I’m all about that early morning news roundup life. Let’s get this thing rolling.


 THE NCAA SLAPS A BAND-AID ON IT AND CALLS IT A DAY. Boy! This NIL stuff sure seems complicated! Luckily it appears that the brain trust at the NCAA has been working around the clock for well over, uh, yesterday, to wrap their heads around this whole kit and caboodle:

In essence, the action would be an interim waiver of existing NCAA rules that prohibit NIL benefits.

CBS Sports obtained an internal NCAA document titled « Proposed Alternative Rules Amendment. » Though that document — slightly more than a page long — is still going through edits, it details the NCAA’s strategy. 

And in that singular page, they essentially say « go for it » and little else because God forbid the governing body of a multi-billion dollar enterprise have its shit together for five freaking seconds. Thank you for your leadership in these trying times, Mark Emmert. Hope the SCOTUS decision earlier this week didn’t sting your ass too badly.

 OH NO, NOT INDY! I’m not referring to Harrison Ford getting himself hurt on the set of another movie, although given his proclivity for on-set injuries and off-set plane crashes I do have to give him some credit for laughing in the face of death well into his 70’s.

That’s right, I’m talking about the NFL looking at bids from other cities besides Indianapolis to host the NFL Combine. I have no particular allegiance to Off-Brand Columbus, but there’s really no reason why the NFL Combine couldn’t be hosted literally anywhere else. Set up a bench press in my garage, put some cones in my backyard, and we’ll do the passing stuff in the street, yelling « CAR! » if we need people to scoot out of the way. Boom. Done.

 WETZEL EVISCERATES THE PAC-12. I know Dan isn’t the most beloved writer in these here parts, which I understand. But put down the pitchforks for like three seconds and enjoy Wetzel dunking on the Pac-12 and outgoing commissioner Larry Scott for their cowardice when it comes to playoff expansion. See, Scott and company really, really want to make sure that every P5 conference champion has an auto-bid to the playoffs, which should be a layup for their conference, but:

Apparently Larry Scott isn’t so sure. Besides, earning it is for suckers. Now that the Pac-12 might have to actually prove itself in a real playoff, prove it’s really, truly better than Boise State, well, it isn’t even hiding the desperation anymore.

YEAH! This is, in my opinion, the whole point of expanding the playoff; if these teams are really all that kickass, then prove it on the field against everybody else. Don’t hide behind a weak conference and bad OOC opponents, drag your asses three thousand miles to an away game in godforsaken Nippert or some damn place and win the game when it counts.


 « THE HISTORY OF COACHES HEAD-BUTTING HELMETED PLAYERS » I kind of feel like the title sells the article, but I’ll also add that two former Ohio State coaches are mentioned in this missive lauding middle-aged and elderly men giving themselves undiagnosed concussions because they were incredibly stoked about a tackle for a loss on 2nd down.

 WHAT UP. SHUT UP WITH YOUR SHUTTIN’ UP. Lake Mead, like the rest of the West, is in drought mode… The Federal Writer’s Project is fascinating as hell and an incredible resource… BRB getting on Snap and dissing Ramzy… NOAA being cranky about ocean definitions… What would a truly walkable city look like?… A dog eating a tomato…

Your word of the day is defenestrate, which is what I’m going to do to my computer after I’m done with this Skull Session. BYE!