Skull Session: Michigan Fails at Taking Rivalry Seriously, Reliving Ohio State’s Success in The Game, and Austin Mack is a Professional Gamer

Duane Washington Jr. had a workout with the Celtics, and I can’t name a more iconic duo walking the streets of Boston.

Now, send him back to Columbus, Evan. Please.

Word of the Day: Ravish.

 GOOD TRY, GOOD EFFORT. As if it wasn’t plainly obvious by the on-field results from the past two decades, Michigan clearly has absolutely no idea what it’s doing in this rivalry.

Earlier last week, there was evidence that they might be finally attempting to take The Game a bit more seriously when the Wolverines put some rivalry signage in their weight room (it’s amazing that it took two decades of curb stomping to get a damn sign, but I digress).

I applauded them for that – sincerely. It’s about damn time they did at least something to get those rivalry juices flowing. And they’ve actually even done a bit more than that.

But it turns out, to quote Truck Stop Fabio, it was all a mirage.

I saw a lot of Michigan fans in the comments like « What did you expect them to do??? It’s a recruit! » Uh, simply don’t let the teen with the bright red shoes throw on your field. It’s not hard. Any media attention you get from finding cleats for the kid to borrow or even sending him home would be substantially better for recruiting than letting the No. 724 overall recruit in the class rock scarlet cleats all over the Big House.

But more than that, do you think any prospect would even think to show up at Ohio State wearing bright blue anything? Hell no, because they’d be told to change or go home. Just like the elderly Hall of Fame head coach who showed up to practice wearing the wrong color, or the BTN producer wearing a Seahawks jacket.

And that’s the difference. It sounds stupid and trivial, but everybody knows Michigan doesn’t actually take the rivalry seriously. And it shows.

 8 YEARS OF DOMINANCE. So we know what dominating the rivalry off the field looks like, here’s a glorious compilation of what it looks like on the field.

What a delightful way to start the week.

 PASS THE STICKS. It looks like Austin Mack is gonna be a two-way player – but not the kind you think!

See, he’ll burn you on the field, then pick up a controller and do the same on the sticks.

Hand up, I don’t know much about esports, and especially don’t know much about Ancient World Gaming, but I do know that you have to be extremely, extremely good to be even remotely competitive as a professional gamer these days. So I offer my sincerest of hat tips to Mr. Mack, who is also still an active NFL wide receiver.

 LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP. Troy Smith’s got mostly positive memories growing up in Springfield, Ohio, but there was one extremely specific painful moment that will stick with him forever.

The physical pain healed, but those emotional scars are forever.

 SONG OF THE DAY. « Africa » by Toto.

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