Skull Session: Jared Sullinger Wins MVP in Korea, Urban Meyer Wanted More Buckeyes, and Donovan Jackson Arrives on Campus

Congrats to all of yesterday’s Ohio State graduates. Including long snapper Bradley Robinson, who’s out here double-fisting degrees.

Word of the Day: Rapture.

 KING OF KOREA. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch highlight after highlight of an extremely lean Jared Sullinger making the entire KBL look like a middle school rec league.

And naturally, that run ended in league title and an MVP, which Sully claimed rather unabashedly.

Straight up, Sully had absolutely no business playing in this league. Half the time, it seriously looked like if they put E.J. Liddell against an average JV high school team.

But also, from what I understand, the KBL was the only league that would give him a chance after his comeback. So really, who’s fault is this? What’s he supposed to do, play blindfolded? (To be clear, he still would have been the best player on the court).

NBA, you’re on notice (but not until after he wins Carmen’s Crew that TBT title, please and thank you).

 WANTED WHAT HE COULDN’T HAVE. Personally, I was mighty surprised when Urban Meyer only ended up with one Buckeye in his first NFL Draft, and didn’t pick up a single one as an undrafted free agent.

But it turns out, it wasn’t because he didn’t want them.

It’s fine, he got Tim Tebow. He’ll live.

But I wouldn’t rule out a wild trade package for Terry Mclaurin in the future…

 CAMPAIGNING FOR A CAUSE. Leave it to Jae’Sean Tate to find a way to somehow make an All-Rookie campaign selfless.

Also, he shouldn’t just make the All-Rookie team, he should be the Rookie of the Year. But I’m just a humble blogger for the Local Team.

 HE’S HERE. I’m pleased to report that Ohio State’s newest five-star offensive lineman is officially on campus.

I don’t think there’s ever been a more under-the-radar five-star prospect in Ohio State history, but I guess that’s what happens when you bring in 12 top-100 prospects in a single class.

Regardless, I have a sneaky suspicion he’s not going to stay under the radar for long.

 SONG OF THE DAY. Gilligan’s Island Theme Song

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