Skull Session: Jae’Sean Tate Puts Up Best Rookie Stats Since LeBron James, Jared Sullinger is Dominating in Korea, and Quinn Ewers is All Buckeye

Not to brag, but team 11W claimed that three-peat last night.

For those inevitably wondering, no, I will not be joining this squad in the near or distant future. I have a more realistic shot at being the puck.

Word of the Day: Troth.

 THE NEW KING? Insane as it is, we’re almost getting to the point where we have to stop just being shocked by Jae’Sean Tate’s insane season and actually digesting it and putting it in context.

And uh, turns out, it’s a lot better than I even expected.

Look, I’m not ready to crown him the next LeBron James or anything like that, but at this point I won’t allow myself to be surprised by anything.

 KING OF KOREA. Jared Sullinger continues to put up absolutely massive numbers over in Korea, and our guy is looking leaner than he’s ever looked in his life.

I know putting Sully in the KBL would be like putting me in a middle school league, but my eyes tell me that’s a player that belongs in the NBA (or at least a particular summer, winner-takes-all basketball tournament, if you catch my drift).

 “IT’S ALL OHIO STATE.” As we prognosticate and experience Ohio State’s freshest quarterback battle between three players who could probably start almost anywhere else in the country, here’s a quick reminder that the highest-rated quarterback prospect ever is coming to campus next year.

And he’s all Buckeye.

Ewers, a one-time Texas commitment, flipped his pledge to Ohio State and he reports that he is all Buckeye and is not in communication with any other programs at this point in the process. 

« It’s all Ohio State, » Ewers said. « They (other programs) kind of stopped calling. »

It was a strong combination that led him to Ohio State. 

« Relationship, » Ewers said when asked what it was about Ryan Day’s program. « They are always competing for a national championship. Those are the main things. Relationships and competing for championships. »  

The term « embarrassment of richest » should come to mind, but the thing is, I’m not at all embarrassed.

 DAR GAME WINNER. D’Angelo Russell had himself a night, capping off a 27-point, 12-dime double-double with what might be one of the easiest game winners he’ll ever hit in his life, thanks to a glorious play design.

There’s a little Buckeye on Buckeye crime going on, too, with Mike Conley on the other end of the game.

Tough to feel too bad for Mike though, he’s having himself quite a year with his first All-Star game and most recently, a damn Oscar. You have to assume a Pulitzer is next.

 SONG OF THE DAY. « Hotel California » by The Eagles.

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