Skull Session: How Ryan Day’s Playing Career Stacks Up, Mickey Marotti Transforms Jantzen Dunn, and Some Michigan Football Fails

The bad news is, it’s Monday. The good news is, it means you survived another weekend. Congrats, you.

Word of the Day: Uncouth.

 THE OTHER ROSY-CHEEKED ASSASSIN. Long before his days as the Buckeyes’ boss, Ryan Day was slinging the rock around for the University of New Hampshire under head caoch Chip Kelly.

And he was good enough that ESPN has him in the top third of its ranking of head coaches as players (which is, by the way, a tremendous offseason listicle. Tip the cap).

43. Ryan Day, Ohio State Buckeyes: Day set New Hampshire state high school records for career pass yards (4,099) and touchdown passes (57), before attending college at the University of New Hampshire. Day became a star for the FCS Wildcats, starting three seasons and setting nine team records, including career completions, completion percentage, touchdown passes and total offense.

For what it’s worth, I think Ryan Day is egregiously underrated here. I get it, he only played FCS, but he rewrote record books and led the offense that pioneered the modern spread. That has to count of something!

As for the top of the list, Jim Harbaugh actually takes the No. 1 spot, which has to be the first time in a very long time that he’s been atop a list that isn’t a « coaches on the hot seat entering the season » piece.

Finally, he bests Ryan Day!

 ALL BUCKEYES EVERYWHERE. Make no mistake, we rep Carmen’s Crew around these parts.

That said, if you happen to need a second rooting interest as The Basketball Tournament takes off, the Dayton alumni team now includes a trio of Ohio State alums – a Big Three, if you will – with CJ Walker joining Trevor Thompson and Jordan Seibert.

Also, LaQuinton Ross is playing with a team called SCD Hoops, so there’s some Buckeye flavor all over, though none of these teams begin playing until Carmen’s Crew opens play on Firday night.

 BODY BY COACH MICK. I think I’ve become a bit desensitized to Mickey Marotti turning human beings that I would consider already at peak physical fitness into mythical gods. But I have to say, this one got me.

Jantzen Dunn arrived at Ohio State looking like, well, a high school teen. Now he’s built like he’s Killmonger.

According to his dad, the first picture is Jantzen in his sophomore year of high school at 155 pounds. He left for Ohio State a couple years later at 173 pounds. Now, he’s at 195 pounds seven months after enrolling.

It would seem that there’s hope for my Gap Kids body, after all!

 START YOUR WEEK OFF RIGHT. A cannot think of a better way to start the week than a four-minute video montage of Michan football fails to the soundtrack of Frank Sinatra’s « Send in the Clowns. »

Part of me wants to see Michigan hit rock bottom in my lifetime, but a larger part of me wants to see that program continue to free fall my entire life like it’s stumbled into a bottomless pit.

Happy Monday!

 SONG OF THE DAY. « Just a Friend » by Biz Markie (RIP)

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