Skull Session: Harry Miller Uses NIL For Good, Jamie Wood Joins a Dating Show, and Quinn Ewers Inspires a Haircut

I’d straight up forgotten about this until he brought it up, but this uh… did not age well.

I cannot even imagine the backlash if the NFL tried to do this today, and everyone was just cool with it when it happened 10 years ago. Wild how fast things changed.

Word of the Day: Precipitous.

 NIL FOR A CAUSE. Most players are using the new NIL rules to boost their own checking accounts – and to be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Harry Miller is the exception – his NIL money will be going directly to the impoverished in Nicaragua.

“As a kid in America, you don’t really appreciate how good it is until you go someplace else and you see plastic houses made of scrap cardboard and wood and tin and plastic sheeting that are basically one room with dirt floors and maybe a bed, maybe not,” said his mother, Kristina, who accompanied him.

Over the past seven years, Miller has traveled nearly a dozen times to Nicaragua on similar trips. He brought along teammate Tommy Eichenberg as recently as last year, before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

All of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to Mission for Nicaragua, a nonprofit for which Miller is one of five board members and which was formed by members of Miller’s church group. They continue to provide food, medicine and other resources for children at a school in Los Brasiles, Nicaragua. It’s his only NIL-related pursuit for the time being due to football demands and academic commitments as a mechanical engineering major.

“I’m tremendously fortunate to have good friends, a good family support system, clothes, food,” Miller said. “I have my guitars and my books, so there’s not really much else I’m looking to buy. The reality is that the money can get stretched a lot further for a lot more people, and therefore, it’s the most utilitarian thing to do. It would be uncouth of me to not take note of that, especially for a community that’s been so supportive of me for upwards of a decade now. They deserve it.”

I’ve said this many, many times already, but Harry Miller might be one of the most impressive human beings I have ever encountered on this planet, and his ability on the football field probably only accounts for about 5 percent of that – and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re looking to help out and buy a shirt to support the cause, you can snag them here.

 JAMIE WOOD, REALITY STAR. If you’re wondering what former Buckeye safety Jamie Wood is up to these days, he works in the compliance department at Ohio State.

But much more fascinatingly, he’ll be appearing on the new HBO Max dating show FBOY Island.

Jamie Wood, 30
City: Columbus, OH
Occupation: Ohio State Athletics
What do you do for fun? You can often find Jamie spending time with his friends and family, traveling and meeting new people. He enjoys learning new things, writing, working out and he has a passion for helping people realize we are often times more similar than we are different.

I’ve got a strong, strong hunch that y’all are not exactly the target audience for this particular form of entertainment, but I decided I’d pass along the news anyway.

On one hand, I’m not sure I could possibly be less interested in the premise for this show. On the other hand, a small but significant part of me really wants to know if Jamie Wood is a « Fboy » or a « nice guy. »

I guess there’s only one way to find out…

 VINTAGE BRUTUS. If there’s anything in the world that I will never tire of (besides an Arby’s roast beef sandwich), it’s vintage footage and photography of the absolutely absurd-looking OG Brutus costumes.

Like this one, where he’s basically wearing a tomato-looking dress with a scrotum-like droop and head that looks like a play-doh sculpture that was left out in the sun.

That said, can we bring this one back? The current rendition is getting a bit stale, in my humble opinion. We could definitely jazz it up.

 IT SPREADS. Quinn Ewers isn’t even out of high school yet and he’s already molding the next generation.

By the time he’s in his third season in Columbus, a solid 20 percent of fans in the stands are going to be rocking a mullet, and it’s going to be glorious.

 SONG OF THE DAY. « Uptown Girl » by Billy Joel.

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