Skull Session: David Lighty is Still Clutch, Man on Internet Claims Michigan is a Dark Horse CFP Candidate, Battle is Headed to Tokyo

I honestly can’t believe they still trust me to publish anything anymore, but here I am, driving the Monday Skull Session bus. Let’s hope I don’t wreck it.

Our first order of business is a happy belated birthday to the great Kenny Guiton, who turned 29 yesterday. Guiton, currently the wide receivers coach at Arkansas, has to the Buckeye with the highest legend points to snap counts ratio.

Also, he was the star of one of the greatest Photoshops to ever come out of the Eleven Warriors community.

Kenny G, Ohio State legend


 DAVID LIGHTY’S STILL CLUTCH. So clutch, he lifted MVP hardware over the weekend for his club, ASVEL, helping the team to a title in France’s top professional league.

We’ll see Lighty again soon enough when he suits up for Carmen’s Crew in the TBT next month.

 HERE’S TO YOU, ANAVIA BATTLE. If it seems like a lot of Buckeyes have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, it’s because a lot have. On the women’s track and field side alone, three athletes have qualified for these Olympics—previous to this month, only two Buckeye women have ever made the U.S. team. Ever.

Sprinter Anavia Battle is the latest to punch her ticket to Japan.

You have to love Battle stepping up when it mattered most, clocking a sub-22.0 for the first time in her already illustrious career.

 THIS IS AMAZING. Someone is saying Michigan – fresh off a 2–4 season with one of the wins a triple-overtime thriller against Rutgers – Michigan, the program that sees a player hit the transfer portal every 8.2 days, that Michigan, is a dark horse candidate for the College Football Playoff this season.

Here’s why…

  • Jim Harbaugh has “new life” after taking a 50% pay cut
  • Freshman quarterback J.J. McCarthy is “the key”
  • “Problem is he’s a true freshman.”

So the freshman quarterback is both the key and the problem. Got it. Michigan will be lucky to finish above Maryland in the Big Ten East this season.


Speaking of recruiting, Ohio State’s Director of On-Campus Recruiting, Erin Duston, can finally rest a little after an insane month of June.

 WHEN DOING IT FOR THE GRAM GOES WRONG. Imagine your own jackassery causing a massive bicycle crash. Now imagine that happening in the most prestigious race in the world, broadcast to millions.

The lady who caused the pileup disappeared and hasn’t been identified yet. She will be – the internet is darn near undefeated at things like this – and the tour is waiting for that moment, with deputy director Pierre-Yves Thouault straight up promising to sue her for her actions.

 BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Sadistic MacGyver builds friend a shock collar to ensure he didn’t text while driving… Let’s figure out the perfect way to cook a hot dog… How North Korea almost pulled off a billion-dollar hack… No sales team, no ad spend, and no trademark, but $150M in revenue… The economics of dollar stores.