Skull Session: Cris Carter Ranks Buckeyes’ Hands, Allen Robinson Talks Justin Fields, and Devin Smith Gets a Chance With the Jaguars

I feel personally attacked.

Word of the Day: Precocious.

 HANDS LIST. If there’s anything Cris Carter knows, it’s good hands. And he’s officially welcoming Garrett Wilson to his Good Hands crew.

Anybody else and I’d have something to say about somebody putting themselves at the top of a list like this, but when you’re a literal Hall of Famer, I think you probably earned that right, so I’m cool.

Also, another Buckeye couldn’t help but notice that he only gave us a top-four…

I mean, are we sure he doesn’t have the fifth-best hands? It’s impossible to truly know until we try!

 STAR RECEIVER APPROVED. Justin Fields still allegedly will not be the Bears starting quarterback this season – or at least for the season-opener – but it sure sounds like he’s won the favor of his newest star receiver.

With all due respect to Andy Dalton, when your 1,000-yard, 100-reception receiver says he « can’t wait » to see a particular quarterback on the field in a game situation, it mightttt just be time to start listening.

But hey, if you’d rather start the season 0-5 in the name of loyalty to a veteran player, that’s your right, I guess.

 ONE LAST CHANCE. Devin Smith’s NFL career has not gone the way I would have expected for the purest deep threat receiver I think I’ve ever seen, in large part because of injuries.

But he’s getting one last chance to prove himself to a coach who knows damn well what he’s capable of.

Worth noting: Urban Meyer has never lost a game in which Devin Smith has scored a touchdown. Give him a shot and let’s keep that streak alive.

 THE PIPE, COMING TO A GREEN NEAR YOU. Well, it looks like the North Carolina A&T State University golf program just got a hell of a lot more interesting.

Good to see him taking advantage of the NCAA’s new NIL rules. Prayers up that he shows up to the first event shirtless.

 SONG OF THE DAY. « Wolves at Night » by Manchester Orchestra.

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