Skull Session: Chris Olave Needs a Double Team, Nation’s Top Forward is Visiting Ohio State, and Ben Roethlisberger Praises Dwayne Haskins

Move over Mark Pantoni, Teradja Mitchell is ready to direct recruiting.

I mean, I’m sold.

Word of the Day: Percolate.

 ISLAND HOPPING. PSA to every Big Ten defensive coordinator: do not try to play Chris Olave in single coverage. He will toast your cornerback and put him on a highlight tape – maybe even an NFT, if you’re lucky!

As if this stat wasn’t ridiculous enough, only two of  PFF’s top-10 returning wide receivers even have 15 career touchdowns, much less 15 touchdowns coming in single coverage.

TL;DR, Olave is the most productive returning receiver in the country and it really ain’t all that close.

 JARACE WALKER, COME ON DOWN! New Ohio State hoops assistant Tony Skinn has only been on the job for a couple of weeks, but it looks like he’s out here immediately swinging for the fences.

Jarace Walker, for those unfamiliar, is the top power forward and No. 7 overall player in the 2022 class. If you remove the three or four players that are more than likely going pro immediately after high school, that ranking is obviously even higher.

I try to keep my expectations relatively low when it comes to Ohio State basketball – it helps keep me numb when a five-star prospect that the Buckeyes have been recruiting pretty much exclusively for years suddenly becomes fascinated with LSU and all that Will Wade has to strongly-ass offer.

At the same time, Ohio State’s been pretty close in enough of these high-level recruitments that at some point, you have to figure they’re going to land one. Maybe?

 GOLDEN ARM. Y’all remember that one year when Dwayne Haskins was the most prolific passer in Big Ten football history? Turns out, he can still throw a football.

I have no idea what it’s going to take to get Haskins to his potential, but I do know that a guy doesn’t put up the numbers he did back in 2018 by accident.

Also, shoutout to Roethlisberger for that incredible off-the-cuff quote. I get paid to write words and I would never in my life have come up with such elaborate and descriptive hyperbole.

 QUIETLY GREAT. Mike Conley has had what honestly might be one of the most quietly incredible NBA careers of all time, evidenced by the fact that he somehow just made his first All-Star game this year.

As Taylor Rooks points out, it’s about time we change that.

I’d like to think that conversation might change a bit if he could get himself a ring, but realistically, the normies will give Donovan Mitchell all the credit if that happens.

I guess this is just his curse.

 SONG OF THE DAY. « The Park » by Feist.

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