Skull Session: Big Ten Advisory Committee Didn’t Recommend Kevin Warren’s Hire, Zach Harrison Wants More Tight End Targets, and Dawand Jones is a Monster Athlete

Do it, cowards.

Word of the Day: Specious.

 WELL, WELL, WELL… If you’ve ever wondered how the hell Kevin Warren ever got named the Big Ten Commissioner in the first place, it would seem that you’re in extremely good company.

I have no idea the context here or what possessed Gene Smith to just like, say this (other than that disaster of a press conference), but it comes off very much as if he’s saying something along the lines of « I didn’t pick him, I don’t know anybody who did, and I have no idea how he became commissioner. »

Which is all totally fair!

 GIVE THE MAN A PULITZER. Sometimes, you just have to ask the hard questions, and one reporter was brave enough to do just that on Friday, grilling Ryan Day on the Internet’s favorite offseason topic – tight end passing targets.

Personally, I’m infinitely more interested in getting Zach Harrison one (1) catch than I am getting Jeremy Ruckert 30, if only because I would love nothing more than to see this glorious photograph recreated.

Regardless, props to Zach for asking a question that led to a far, far more useful and insightful response from Day than all of the « just how good is the team looking this year, Ryan? » questions he fielded. Hell, I think Chris is even planning to use those quotes in an actual story today.

However, I do feel compelled to tell you all that 30 catches is not even remotely close to the school record. More than that, Ben Hartsock definitely is not the record-holder, or even in the top five all-time.

Billy Anders holds the record with 55 in 1966 followed by 45 from John Frank with 45 in both 1983 or 1981. Jeff Ellis had 40 in 1988 and Bob Grimes had 39 in 1952.

Hand up, I’d never even heard of the dude who currently holds that record, so let’s just go ahead and get Ruckert atop that list to make things easier on my brain.

 INDIANA’S FINEST. When you see a human being as gigantic, yet still athletic as Dawand Jones, you don’t soon forget.

He made such an impression on a sportswriter that he earned a nod as one of the best Indiana high school athletes he’s ever covered.

And how could you not marvel at the talent of Dawand Jones of Ben Davis? Jones is a 6-8, 360-pound offensive lineman at Ohio State with a likely future in the NFL. But I’m not sure I will ever see a player with his size move like he did on the basketball court.

And yet, he never got that call from Chris Holtmann. I’m an unabashed Holtmann defender, but I fear that even I will never be able to forgive him for that.

 GET WELL SOON. It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Michael Thomas 100 percent healthy, and it looks like we’re going to be waiting even longer.

Get well soon, Mike. My keeper fantasy league desperately needs you to make a full and swift recovery.

 SONG OF THE DAY. « Folsom Prison Blues » by Johnny Cash.

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