Skull Session: A Michigan Man Accepts Defeat, Jared Sullinger is a Future Coach, and Ryan Day Goes Shopping

It’s about that time…

Less than a month, now. You can do it.

Word of the Day: Rebuff.

 DEFEATED, NEUTERED HOPELESS, ETC. You would think that getting your ass kicked in what’s supposed to be the only game that matters every season of your college career would take an emotional toll.

Turns out, it does!

There’s nothing quite like a Michigan Man who knows his place in the world.

 COACH SULLY. Jared Sullinger’s been moonlighting as a head coach every summer for three years when he leads Carmen’s Crew. But it’s not just a hobby anymore, he’s looking to step into it full time when his playing days are over.

Now in his third year of coaching the Ohio State alumni team for TBT, Sullinger has experience both on the court and the sideline for the annual event. After falling short in the final four during the 2018 event, Sullinger’s first experience coaching Carmen’s Crew culminated in a 2019 championship.

From there, he was resolute: no more playing in TBT, only coaching. With plans of being a full-time coach once his playing career comes to a close, experiences like these are laying a foundation for Sullinger.

“(These games) lay the foundation down tremendously just because you learn how to cope through defeat,” he said. “You learn how to cope through victories. You know how to cope through scouting reports and all that good stuff. This situation just gives me time and effort to be able to be the best coach I can be when it comes to that situation.”

Sullinger feels ready for it. Ohio State coach Chris Holtmann agrees, while noting he would need a college degree in order to coach for the Buckeyes.

“Jared is tremendous,” Holtmann said. “He brings a wealth of knowledge, great feel for the game. I love Jared and what he brings. I think he’s got a really bright future if he does decide to be a professional coach.”

I mean, it’s tough to say he’s not already a successful coach considering he earned himself a bigger payday in a single tournament than I’ll make in over a decade.

Get that college degree, Sully. We’d love to see you on the sidelines (and the recruiting trail).

 SHOPPING THE DAY AWAY. I’m not sure a video of Ryan Day shopping at Kroger is the content we wanted or the content we needed, but it’s the content we got yesterday and you know damn well you’re going to watch it.

I’ll be honest, I fully expected that to be a wasted 1:46 of my life, but thanks to that video I now know how to pick a ripe watermelon and pineapple. I’d always just relied on luck.

My wife thanks you, Ryan Day.

 HOME MOVIES. Turns out, Ohio State’s #ContentDay ain’t just for the professionals. Nicholas Petit-Frere busted out that camcorder and took matters into his own hands.

I’d like to live in a world where he documents this entire season like this as if he’s a dad on a family vacation.

Sure, Ohio State has the best multimedia team in Ohio, and maybe the midwest as a whole, and they’re paid good money to make the cinema-quality masterpieces we’ve all come to know and love.

But at the end of the day, I’m just not convinced they can compete with NPF and his camcorder.

 SONG OF THE DAY. « Love is Easy » by McFly.

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