Skull Release Date, Cast, And Plot

« Skull » doesn’t have an official release date yet, but we can expect to see it relatively soon since filming is nearly finished. John Davis revealed plenty about the project in the Collider interview, also explaining that the work is « probably three-quarters of the way through. » This is particularly surprising since whispers about the project have only surfaced online in the last few months. Hopefully, this is because the studio executives know they have something special on their hands and are hoping to surprise longtime fans of the « Predator » franchise.

Since work on « Skull » is drawing to a close, the release date is probably much closer than anyone originally predicted. Factoring in post-production and possible reshoots, « Skull » could arrive by the end of 2022. « The Predator » debuted in September 2018, and this latest chapter could make a similar date as long as there are no hiccups in post-production. The rating of the film hasn’t been decided yet, and that’s a decision that will likely be made in the editing suite, according to Davis.

The producer told Collider that it was originally pitched with a similar tone to previous films, saying, « It all depends on how you end up cutting it, right? It was conceived as an R-rated movie. » However, David also added, « It could easily end up PG-13. I guess I’m going to find out what it has to be or what it is when it’s all cut together. »