Skull Island Is Now Godzilla’s Monster Island

The MonsterVerse’s Godzilla lost his home in Godzilla: King of the Monsters; however, Monster Island may still be around thanks to Godzilla vs. Kong.

The MonsterVerse revealed that before Godzilla returned to the surface, he rested in an ancient temple far below the ocean’s surface. But following the events of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, that home was destroyed to ensure the Titan’s survival. Now, Godzilla doesn’t have a place to call home, but the ionic Monster Island from the original films may already exist under a different name.

As Kong grew over the decades, Skull Island’s safety from Godzilla was becoming more unstable. To keep him safe, Kong was taken from his home in Godzilla vs. Kong. By the end of the film, Skull Island was left without its king. Like Monster Island, the landmass has been home to massive Titans in the decades of its existence and has also been described as the Hollow Earth brought to the surface. With no one ruling the area, it’s primed for Godzilla to call it home.

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Monster Island was born following a weather experiment that heated the island surface so much, monsters were hatched and called it home in the TOHO films. This was also where Godzilla spent most of his time in the movies, fighting other monsters. Though a weather machine never brought Skull Island to life, the storm system surrounding it is a perfect engine to heat the island enough to transform it into Monster Island.

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The seclusion that the island offers is also perfect for Godzilla following his rampage in Godzilla vs. Kong. Due to his agitation over the creation of MechaGodzilla, Godzilla terrorized cities close to the Apex location that housed pieces to the mecha. As a result, the humans see Godzilla as a threat more than a protector, and with no place to hide, Monster Island is the perfect retreat for him to protect humans from a distance.

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From there, the opportunities for sequels and more monster interactions can skyrocket. Not only can Godzilla take on the other native Titans for the title of king of the island, but he can also battle any emerging threats from Hollow Earth. Since the location is a land that time forgot, with portals that lead to it worldwide, a hidden one on Skull Island creates the chance for new threats to regularly emerge. With less of a human presence, viewers could see Godzilla interact in a natural environment similar to Kong, which brings out more personality in the character, reminiscent of the Showa Era.

With Kong ruling Hollow Earth on his throne, the threats that are too scared to challenge him will likely retreat to the surface. But rather than rule unopposed, they will be greeted by the King of the Monsters instead. With Skull Island as the new Monster Island, a brand new era of the MonsterVerse could be right around the corner. However, instead of seeing Godzilla terrorize cities, he will be more like a king protecting the planet from Hollow Earth’s deadliest Titans on his home turf.

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