Skull found near Soutergate, Kirkby, was from the Roman occupation

THE mystery of a skull’s origins found on a beach near Soutergate has finally been solved.

Kirkby man Steve Turner made the shocking discovery while on a dog walk in March last year.

The remains were not treated as suspicious by Cumbria Police and the matter was handed over to the coroner who undertook the initial stages of analysis before they were then sent for further tests in Liverpool.

Analysis has now revealed that the skull is believed to originate from between 130AD and 240AD, making it from the Roman occupation.

“It’s dated between 130AD and 240AD, so flat bang in the Roman occupation,” said Mr Turner, who was contacted by police with the findings on Thursday.

“So it’s either going to be a Roman or ancient Britain.

“It could be anyone from the Roman Empire.

“It’s fantastic and really exciting to find out how old it is.

“To think they were alive 100 years after Jesus.

“It’s such an important find for the area.”

The 51-year-old hopes the skull can be examined further to find out more about the person it belonged to and where they came from.

“It would be interesting to find out where they came from,” said Mr Turner.

“When I found it I wanted it to be old and not be recent because if it was recent, and someone is still alive missing someone, then that is awful.

“I wanted it to be really old but for it to be Roman era is incredible.”

Mr Turner regularly walks along the Duddon Estuary and finds historical items.

“The history in this area is incredible, » he said.

“I love finding the history.”

Although the skull has been dated Mr Turner has said the mystery of where it came from is only partly solved.

“It’s solved one mystery, but opens up more questions,” he said.

“Who was it?

“It was a person who had hopes and dreams.

« I think you can forget that when you look at a skull, it was a living person.”