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Skull is the final member of the S4, and is the leader of the Purple Team. He made his debut in the manga in Volume 2.


Skull is a pale skinned inkling with the standard inkling boy haircut, the ponytail. He wears the standard Inkling boy shorts with a purple stripe to represent his ink color. His tentacles are noted to stand upwards instead of downwards like other Inkling boys, however the remarkable feature that stands out about him is that he has no eyebrows. Skull stated himself that he was just born without them, however. His eyes have spiral like patterns in them, and his eyes rest in a somewhat agitated look, as he looks upset, unless he shows the expression of surprise. His emotion is also hard to tell, as his bandana covers both his nose and mouth. Although his ink color is purple to match his team’s motif, he can change his color at will.


Skull is shown to have a quiet and kept to himself type of personality. He doesn’t speak much around the other S4 members, or anyone else, and usually ends with “…” when replying to others or stating something. He speaks very monotonous, and is polite, unless he is insulting someone. He used to consider everyone below him as weaklings until he was defeated by Team Blue. Skull is also not a sore loser unlike some of his teammates in the S4, as he doesn’t insult others or get upset about losing; instead he trains more and says he has another opponent he would like to face again at a later time. After being defeated by Team Blue, he seems to be getting careless as well, constantly getting lost, falling in the water, finding himself on top of high buildings looking for the weapon shop, but he has his intelligent moments as well. In the Inkling Almanac, he is told to have a major sweet tooth, implying he loves anything sweet*. ( *In the bonus manga in book 3, he had a huge sundae with him and wanted no one to bother him, but everyone else, so Goggles declared an eating contest, but 3 hours later, everyone was fat ( Team Blue, S4 and Rider) and looked like bowling balls.) he also tends to forget that he already ate his ice cream or pudding by thinking someone else ate it.


  • « I have no use for you weaklings. »-after beating Blue Team for the first time
  • « I was born this way. »-After Goggles asks about his missing eyebrows
  • ”What is this.. this feeling..? They’re far weaker than me, but…”
  • ”The ability to make anyone have fun in a match..That is a strong point of yours.”
  • ”…That guy, the entire stage was under his dominion. Like an undeniable king.”-talking about Emperor
  • ”However, out of the four, that leaves one.. Just who is he?”-talking to Rider about Prince
  • ”Overwhelming. And his teammates are strong, too. We couldn’t win 1-on-1.”
  • ”Besides Emperor, that other guy..He feels like Emperor, somehow. But different.”
  • ”It’s true.. That scope user’s aim was impeccable.”-about N-Pacer
  • ”I’ll give you some candy, so please forgive me.”
  • ”You aim to watch over your teammates to support them.”-to Headphones about her thoughts of using a scoped Charger
  • ”By the way, where are we?..”-Skull getting lost again
  • ”So it doesn’t drop candy/rain, huh..”-a wordplay on the japanese word for rain and candy


  • Skull carries candy in his pocket around with him.
  • Skull was the only S4 member who was seen participating in the Boke vs Tsukkomi splatfest event, while the other S4 members were not shown.
  • Skull is the only character without eyebrows.
  • Skull and Aviators are childhood friends.
  • Skull, Vintage, Omega and Aviators were all previously on the same team until Skull and Aviators left not specifying a reason why.
  • Nobody has seen Skull without his bandana, except the time Goggles made it slip.
  • He can apparently eat at high speeds so no one can see him without his bandana.
  • Skull tends to get lost a lot, and an example would be when he was stuck on the roof of ammo knights.
  • Skull is the only S4 member who has been successfuly pantsed by Goggles




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