Scientists Find Skull With Bullet Wounds at Tulsa Race Massacre Grave

A Black man’s skull pierced with a bullet wound is among the remains of 19 bodies found at a Tulsa Race Massacre gravesite, The Washington Post reports. The skull was discovered by scientists working to uncover potential mass graves from the massacre, in which more than 300 Black men in the city were killed. The remains were initially found in October, but scientists had to wait until June for a judge’s permission to examine the fossils themselves. Since then, they’ve been able to examine nine of the 19 bodies found, believing five of them to be children. The goal, according to local community members, is to document who the individuals were. “This process has been a very sobering and very powerful experience,” said J. Kavin Ross, a Tulsa survivor and chair of the Mass Graves Public Oversight Committee. “I’m anxious to give them a proper rest.”

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