Respawn teases return of Skull Town in Apex’s next update

It’s been a long time, old friend.

Skull Town has been missing from Kings Canyon in Apex Legends since last year’s season five. But thanks to a not-so-cryptic tweet by Respawn Entertainment this afternoon, it’s looking like the popular point of interest could be returning in some capacity very soon.

Respawn director of communication Ryan Rigney later confirmed that patch notes for an incoming update will be coming on Thursday, June 24. It’s likely that a tease and reveal for the event will come alongside it, with the event to follow next week.

Skull Town was a longtime favorite spot for players to drop in Kings Canyon before it was blown off the map by Loba’s attempts to kill Revenant during season five, or Fortune’s Favor as it was known. Right now, its place on Kings Canyon is Mirage Voyage and Salvage.

It’s unclear how Skull Town will be returning to the game. Whatever the upcoming event may be might involve a throwback to an earlier season’s variant of Kings Canyon like the game has done once before, or it could even be a new Arena map based in Skull Town, too.

The speculation will run rampant leading up to June 24 when Respawn will reveal more information on today’s fun tweet.