Resident Evil Village – What to do with Crystal Skull, Torso, and Other Items


As you defeat certain monsters in Resident Evil Village you’ll find a Crystal Skull, Torso or other item in their place. This is true from a lowly werewolf to the Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters as well. But once you pick it up and examine it you’re left with more questions than answers. These elaborate items seems to hold value, but can you use them for anything? Here’s what to do with crystal skull, torso, and other items in Resident Evil Village.

What to do with Crystal Skulls, Torsos, Dimitrescu, and More

As you explore the world of Resident Evil Village you’ll come across items of varying levels of importance. Key items, meaning ones you need to progress through the game are stored separately from everything else. You also have your main inventory, where usable items, weapons, and resources will be. This is where you have to manage things, making sure you aren’t carrying too much. But with Crystal Skulls, Torsos, the Lady Dimitrescu, and more they appear in a separate menu, which tells you most of what you need to know.

The valuable label gives away the sole purpose of Crystal Skulls and Torsos, letting you know that all you can do with them is sell them to the Duke for Lei. You can’t give them to anyone to unlock a new area, or offer them to trade. Just gather up as many of them as you can, head to the nearest Duke shop, and sell them. While it might be disappointing, these are worth a ton of Lei, letting you buy upgrades and other extremely useful things. So at least knowing that there’s nothing else to do with them should let you perform those upgrades in peace.

There are different prices depending on the item and its condition. You can find some that are extremely valuable, such as ones labelled “perfect”. Most, however will come out to the Crystal Skull getting you 900 Lei, a Crystal Torso earning 5,000 Lei, and Dimitrescu pulling in 25,000 Lei.

So that’s what to do with crystal skull, torso, and other items in Resident Evil Village. Simple, but also confusing if you were thinking there was more to them than the game let on.

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