Resident Evil Village crystal fragments, treasure locations, and how to get more money fast

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments, along with Treasures are a good way to make money fast at the start of the game. At the beginning, money, called Lei in the game, is at premium if you want upgrades and useful stuff from the… resident merchant, the Duke. As by some miracle, this guy is able to set up shop in the strangest of places throughout the game, so you will frequently be tempted to buy a useful upgrade or an epic new weapon.

Of course, the Duke is not here for charity. You need plenty of Resident Evil Village’s currency, Lei, to buy the things you want. And knowing how to make a whole lot of money early can make a real difference. So here we’ve a list of different ways to make money in the early stages of Resident Evil Village. Ranging from early Resident Evil Village crystal fragments to the most valuable treasures, here’s how you get your hands on a huge stack of Lei.

How to make money in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments

(Image credit: Capcom)

There are several ways to earn Lei in Resident Evil Village. The most obvious one is by picking up small bags of money from barrels or enemy drops. Even better than these coin pouches, are the crystal skulls and other types of crystal loot drops. They won’t drop as frequently, but they’re worth far more Lei when you sell them to the Duke.