Red Skull’s Infinity Stone Power-Up Happened In the Most Shocking Way

The Red Skull now possesses the awesome power of the Infinity Stones, and the villain obtained them in the weirdest way possible

Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Tech-On Avengers #1!

The Red Skull now wields the power of the Infinity Stones, but he got them in the oddest way possible. In Avengers: Tech-On Avengers #1, on sale now in print and digital, a mega-powerful Red Skull attacks Earth and depowers every hero on it using the power of the Infinity Stones. The Red Skull then makes a shocking revelation about the Stones—he is only using a fragment of them.

The saga of the Infinity Stones was the glue that held the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe together; the Stones have quite a history in the comics as well. Just like the movies, Thanos used the Infinity Stones (then referred to as Infinity Gems) to wipe out half the universe’s population. Since then, the Stones have weaved their way in and out of the Marvel Universe; they are currently bonded to individuals now. In an alternate universe, however, the saga of Thanos and the Infinity Stones played out more or less the same: heroes fell, but Thanos was defeated and the Stones were thought destroyed. Now, the weary heroes of Earth are about to learn their problems with the Infinity Stones are just beginning. The issue is written by Jim Zub, with art by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, and letters by Travis Lanham.

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Earth is still mourning those lost in the battle with Thanos. Captain America is presiding over a memorial service for the fallen when suddenly the Red Skull attacks; it quickly becomes clear he has changed. The Red Skull is now more monstrous, complete with demonic horns and an intimidating suit of armor. The Red Skull reveals that while the Infinity Stones were indeed destroyed, the dust is still enough to give its user great power; he calls them Infinity Mirror Shards or I.M.S. for short. He uses this great power to enslave people, turning them into hideous monsters. For his final move, the Red Skull says that while he is not powerful enough to wipe out half the universe like Thanos, he can still cause great damage: he then uses the I.M.S. to steal the powers of every hero on Earth.

After Thanos, the Red Skull is probably the last person fans would want to have the Infinity Stones. The idea of the Nazi madman wielding enough power to rewrite reality is a terrifying one, and fans see why here. Keep in mind the Red Skull only has access to a small fraction of the Infinity Stones’ power—how might have events played out if he had the full power? Stripping every hero on Earth of their powers, which in Wolverine’s case almost killed him, is an act of pure evil. It will now be on the heroes to find a way to strip the Red Skull of his powers—without any of their own.

The Red Skull is one of the most terrifying villains in the Marvel Universe, and now he just got an Infinity Stones to upgrade—in the weirdest way possible.

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