Qui Monte Sur Pégase ? | Royaume de licorne

If you are interested in creatures from Greek mythology, then you certainly have an interest in Pegasus. Indeed, this winged horse is by far the most popular mythical creature in ancient Greek history. The reason ? She has a special history, full of adventures and has managed to achieve many feats in Greek mythology.

It is about a horse which of a horse endowed with 2 large wings, able to fly and possessing many powers. Also, this hero is neither more nor less than the son of god of the sea poseidon. During his life, he allowed himself to be straddled by valiant heroes and had with them several victories. However, as you can imagine, he didn’t let everyone ride. Want to know who uses Pegasus as a mount? Good reading.

Pegasus collection

First, why did some heroes seek to climb onto Pegasus?

As we said above, Pegasus was a horse that had the ability to fly. As a result, he was endowed with both the physical capacities of a horse and those of a bird: agility, robustness, speed… Using him as a mount was therefore a synonym of strength and power. This is how several heroes of Greek history wanted to ride it to deliver certain fights and have a higher probability of winning them.

However, this is not the only reason. Indeed, this horse also has the ability to move freely from the world of the living to that of the dead. It could also be useful in reaching the world of the gods.

Who climbs on Pegasus?

Anyone wishing to ride the famous winged horse absolutely needed permission from the latter. In other words, these are the ones Pegasus allowed to do so.

Bellerophon, the king of Corinth

In Greek mythology, Bellerophon is the king of Corinth. He is well known for having conquered the chimera. For those who don’t know, the Chimera is quite a terrifying creature that scared almost all mortals. On the one hand because of his terrifying physique, on the other hand because of his powers.

Indeed, the chimera can be compared to 3 animals; its head and two front legs are those of a lion. Its body and hind legs are those of a goat and its tail is similar to a snake. In addition, she also had special abilities such as being able to breathe fire. It is easy to understand that defeating her must have been much easier said than done, even for the great warrior Bellerophon.

The only chance he had to beat her was to be able to combine the abilities of speed, agility and toughness. As you might expect, he could combine these qualities while riding Pegasus. This is how the winged horse accepts to become the mount of the king of Corinth in order to defeat to the chimera.

The Chimera

Having become the king of the airs, Bellerophon could dodge the blows and the flames launched by the chimera and he thus succeeded in getting rid of her. According to the authors, he either used a single lead weighted spear or riddled the monster with arrows.

Perseus climbs on Pegasus

Perseus is another hero of Greek mythology. He is the son of Danaé, a woman appreciated by Polydecte, king of the island. Once an adult, Perseus will receive a mission from Polydecte, that of kill the gorgon Medusa who is none other than the mother of Pegasus. He succeeds in doing so and slits her throat. From this little story, we are tempted to believe that Pegasus would never have let her mother’s murderer ride him. However, that is exactly what happened.

According to some authors, the most famous creature in Greek mythology would have agreed to be straddled by Perseus out of recognition of having left him alive after having murdered the gorgon Medusa. In fact, Perseus could well have killed him right now and we certainly would never have heard of Pegasus.

For others, he wanted to avoid the anger of the 2 gorgons present during the murder of his mother. Anyway, Perseus rode Pegasus and was able to save Andromède, a Ethiopian princess.

Indeed, she was held captive by a sea monster and Perseus saw her, being mistreated by a monster. He offers Andromeda’s parents to save their daughter on condition that they can marry her later. The latter accept and Perseus succeeds, with the ultimate help of Pegasus, to kill the monster and thus free the Ethiopian princess.

Zeus, the supreme god in Greek mythology

Zeus is known in Greek mythology as the supreme god residing on the sacred mountain of Olympus along with the other gods. After using Pegasus and succeeding in killing the chimera, Bellerophon became very proud and set himself the goal to reach the mountain of Olympus. However, he is aware that the path will not be easy and once again requires the help of Pegasus.

This is how the two heroes begin their way to the kingdom of the gods. However, things did not go as planned, as some deities did not recognize Bellerophon as a true god. Zeus thus sent a bee to sting the winged horse and throw it off balance. This is what happened and it caused the fall of the hero Bellerophon.

Then, Pegasus decides to continue the path and manages to reach the kingdom of the gods. Once there, he is greeted by Zeus in person and he puts himself at the service of the latter. This is how Pegasus becomes the mount of Zeus, the supreme god. Subsequently, Zeus decides to turn the winged horse into constellation. As for Bellerophon, he finds himself in the terrestrial world and ends his days in a solitary manner.