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When we talk about the fantastic creatures of Greek mythology, we see directly Pegasus. This is a special creature, one of a kind, whose father is none other than the god of the sea. Poseidon. This hero is well known thanks to his many victories among which the murder of the chimera, but not only ! Indeed, its association with Bellerophon also played a large part in the notoriety of Pegasus.

What does it look like ? Quite simply to a white horse with wings. It is easily understood that this gives it the ability to fly. However, is this his only power? Of course not, this mythical horse has many other supernatural powers that we detail in this article.

Pegasus powers

As we said above, Pegasus is a robust horse that has wings. It is therefore endowed not only with the force, from resistance and of the agility of a horse, but also of flexibility of a bird. This is one of the superpowers of this creature. However, there are many more.

Pegasus has the power to fly

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We already know that the most famous horse in Greek mythology wore wings. But, is it enough to have wings to be able to fly? Well no, we know a lot of creatures that have wings, but cannot fly. Pegasus on the contrary does not belong to this group and is as agile as a bird in the air. This power gave him a crucial advantage during his fights and moreover helped him to defeat many enemies.

The power to create water sources

If someone asks you how to create a water source, you certainly won’t think of Pegasus. On the other hand, the most popular of the winged horses is known to be able to create the water sources just with hoof kicks. Moreover, as we said above, his father is neither more nor less than the god of the sea and the waters. This mythical animal is therefore very associated with the sea. In addition, Pegasus would be the creator of the source Hippocrène which is a source located in Greece, on Mount Helicon.

Etymologically, Hippocrene comes from the Greek  » hippos « Which means horse and » krênê » which means horse. The Hippocrene source is therefore considered today as being the « source of the horse ». However, the reason why Pegasus would have created this source differs between authors. For some, he wanted to crush a large stone above the mountain with a hoof blow. For others, he would have liked to stop the mountain which kept swelling, swept away by the songs of the Muses.

Pegasus is an immortal creature

If the winged horse at the heart of Greek mythology is very popular, it is also thanks to its immortal character. He is immortal since Zeus changes him into a constellation, and this hero could easily leave the realm of the living to that of the dead. This is how he transported the souls of some deceased to the afterlife, but not only. He also helped the shaman to complete his ecstatic journey.

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The symbols of Pegasus

This mythical horse represents today a source of inspiration for several authors such as Voltaire. In addition, it is also highly regarded in many cultures as a sign of power and strength, but not only ! The powers that Pegasus possesses have made it a symbol of many things today.

Symbol of eternal sources and beauty

This winged horse could create the springs of water with just a kick of his hoof. In addition, he is the son of the god of the sea. It is therefore quite normal that he is considered a symbol of eternal sources. Moreover, the sources created by Pegasus had the common characteristic of being practically beautiful. The landscape created was also generally of admirable beauty and it is for this reason that the most famous horse in Greek mythology is also associated with beauty.

Adventure symbol

Pegasus’ life was not very easy. He had to fight a lot and accomplish many feats. In Greek mythology, it is presented as a great adventurer. He joined forces with many allies including the hero Bellerophon and helped many people. Moreover, his ability to fly ensured that he was present both in the air and on the ground; once again the adventure. It is therefore normal that it is the symbol.

Pegasus, symbol of freedom, dream and imagination and imagination

Pegasus, symbol of freedom, dream and imagination and imagination

Pegasus is an unusual creature: a horse with wings. Men thus use it as a symbol of the imagination; to imagine yourself elsewhere, in a different life. It is also for this reason that it is associated with dreams. In addition, this is a being who has always advocated his freedom and liked to cut through the air with his long wings.

Symbol of wisdom

According to Greek mythology once again, Pegasus would have had a close relationship with Athena, the goddess of wisdom. It was moreover she who had the power to supply him and who led him to Mount Olympus to live there with the gods and goddesses. In addition, during these battles against the villains of the story, the winged horse knew how to make resolutions wise enough to accomplish his many feats.

Bonus: answers to some questions about Pegasus

Although Pegasus is one of the most famous creatures in Greek mythology, several questions continue to be asked around him and we try to answer a few of them.

Is Pegasus a unicorn?

No, Pegasus is far from being a unicorn. Indeed, unicorns do not have wings to fly and he does. In addition, unicorns are characterized by their horns and Pegasus does not.

How did Pegasus manage to defeat the Chimera?

The Chimera was certainly a terrifying creature, but Pegasus managed to defeat it. To do so, he had to team up with Bellerophon.

Why the name Pegasus?

Because he was born near the sources (Pégé) of the ocean.