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Pegasus is one of the names that comes up often when talking about Greek mythology. Quite popular for its exploits, it is full of a rather fascinating history. We invite you to discover it later in this post. From his birth to his personality through a few exploits, here is everything you need to know about this winged horse.

Pegasus, who is he really?


Pegasus is an animal that is recognized in Greek mythology as a different horse from others. Indeed, apart from his physique which is at first very different thanks to his wings, Pegasus also has powers that he has been able to benefit from the Greek.

This animal is one of the most important creatures who had to serve the great god Zeus. Indeed, after his birth, Pegasus went to the palace of Zeus, and this is how he gave him the mission of carrying lightning and lightning. Hence the beginning of his mission and the practice of his good works.

Pegasus, according to some legends, was born from the coupling between the Medusa and Poseidon. And would also be a twin, because he was born on the same day with his brother Chrysaor and come from the same parents.

The birth of the winged horse Pegasus.

As we said above, Pegasus is a very mysterious animal. This even explains the different versions that revolve around his birth. Indeed, in the history of Greek mythology, we know of up to three versions concerning his coming into the world.

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First version

This version is known to all, it states that the magnificent white winged horse was born following the mating of Poseidon and the medusa. What really happened? Some time before the birth of Pegasus, Poseidon, who is his father, had set his sights on the medusa. This because she was a very beautiful woman with long hair, and he was the type to always admire feminine beauty.

So one day, when she passed, he could not restrain himself and he started to chase her so that he could steal her innocence. Thing which was done in the temple of the goddess Athena, and which produced the winged horse and his brother. Being against this mating in her territory, the goddess, unable to do anything to the god of the sea, cast a curse on the jellyfish.

This is how the latter metamorphosed and became a real monster. From that moment, all his actions were not in favor of breakthrough. This leads him to cut off the head of the jellyfish with a stab. Hence the birth of Pegasus and his twin brother.

Second version

Unlike the previous version, this one states that the birth of Pegasus has nothing to do with the mating of Poseidon and the Medusa. Indeed, according to some people, the winged horse was born from the earth following the blood of the medusa which was poured on it after the sword blow given by breakthrough.

By the way, these same people admit that Poseidon participated in the birth of the hero. But not as a father. Rather in the sense that the blood that gushed out just mixed with the foam of the sea. Which, according to them, does not make Poseidon the father of Pegasus.

Third version

As for the third version concerning the birth of Pegasus, it would have been born of lightning. And for those who support this hypothesis, he therefore has no mother, no brother and no father. However, what is almost common in these versions is that Pegasus was born near the sources of the Ocean River.

The exploits of Pegasus in Greek mythology.

Pegasus and breakthrough

Shortly after his birth, Pegasus began to perform feats that positively marked Greek mythology.

The victory of Pegasus in the face of the chimera.

The Chimera was a very frightening animal, which terrified and caused harm to everyone. This is why his death is considered a feat for Pegasus who is at the origin of his death. Pegasus did not venture to destroy this monster on his own, he was helped by his friend Bellerophon.

Indeed, it is the latter who straddled the horse, so that he could be able to avoid the fire spears coming from the chimera. And so the hero succeeds in killing the terrifying animal with his lead arrows. In addition, other works show that the white horse did not need its weighted arrows, but only one arrow to be able to finish with the chimera.

And this is how Pegasus continued his life by gaining victories over victories.

Pegasus and breakthrough succeed in freeing Andromeda

Despite knowing that it was Percée who killed his mother, Pegasus agrees to be straddled by him. And considering what happened on their way, it can be concluded that it was a good decision on his part. Because it is on their way that they were able to save Andromeda from the clutches of a sea monster.

Indeed, on their way back, they saw a girl who was being abused in the middle of the water by a monster. They thus approached the parents of the girl (who also observed the scene without being able to do anything) to pose a condition to them. The condition was simple and the parents agreed without even wasting time.

In short, Percée just asked to marry the young girl after saving him. Thing that was done, because once freed from the sea monster, Andromeda became the wife of Breakthrough. Although it was Breakthrough that destroyed the monster, much of the victory goes to Pegasus. Indeed, it is thanks to his agility in being able to use the rays of the sun and the reflections of the sea that Percée was able to save Andromeda.