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The unicorn in pink a creature of the imagination perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Often when we think of the imaginary world, we most often think of imaginary creatures such as unicorns. These creatures from Neverland with their long horns and extremely soft fur fascinate a large number of children, but also older ones. In the biggest dreams of a child, we dream of going hunting for a unicorn and taking it with us to our little secret garden. It is now possible with unicorns in pink, you just have to use your child’s imagination and voila.

The unicorn is made of eternal rose which means that it is the same process as the preserved roses. Natural flowers picked from the rose bushes when they have reached maturity. That is to say that the foliage and the petals have reached a remarkable freshness and allow the flower to keep all its fragrance. It was then injected into the stem with a sap made of glycerin to prevent it from losing its color and its petals after a few weeks.

This is why your unicorn is made of its roses, it allows you to keep the magical side of this imaginary creature as long as possible.

How to take care of your unicorn in pink?

As said before, the unicorn is based on the same process as the eternal roses. This means that they have a duration of 5 years, but can last up to 10 years if you follow these tips:

  • Tip # 1: Avoid putting your unicorn under a window with direct daylight: If you want to make your unicorn last as long as possible, avoid putting it in the sun. It will make it lose its color and its petals. Favor a quiet high-rise space such as the living room or a bedroom.
  • Tip # 2: You can dust it once a week with a rag. This will remove the dust that gets stuck all over the petals and the stem and will make it look beautiful as on the first day.
  • Tip n ° 3: You do not need to use any corrosive product to clean it such as bleach, on its lint, use a little water with a tea towel if necessary.
  • Tip 4: All the flowers on the unicorn plush do not need to be watered or need to be cut of course.

For what occasions to buy a unicorn in pink?

Want an original gift, with a magical side we have found you the gift that will undoubtedly please the person to whom you give it. A unicorn made entirely of eternal rose with its red, white, pink, orange colors in harmony on its unicorns.

For which occasions will you succumb to give this gift a desire to say I love you to a person you carry in your heart for Valentine’s Day the feast of love. It’s so romantic tooffer a gift eternal to celebrate his love.

Just want to please to someone who matters to you at a wedding, baptism, anniversary or mothers’ Day choose the unicorn in pink to surprise them.

This gift with a magical and imaginary side that will delight the youth of your grandparents and the childhood of the youngest is a perfect gift for a little girl who will keep it for years.

You just finished this article and you are still looking for the ideal gift that will fill your loved ones with happiness. So go ahead and choose the unicorn in eternal pink. All it takes is a touch of magic, imagination and nostalgia for your years gone by to make this unicorn your favorite decorative item.