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The unicorns are already known for their irresistible beauty 🦄. What could be nicer than watching adorable unicorns with animated gestures?

We bring you the cutest unicorns gif that surely brings a smile to your face. The insertion of these gifs in your message is the best way to show the world the sweet side of your inner unicorn 🎉. These will delight you, but also your friends and family. Even if they aren’t unicorn lovers, who wouldn’t love unicorns? cute animals doing cute things 😃? We are going to make your everyday life more fun by saving some of these beautiful gifs on your phone.


🎉Put yourself into all kinds ofambiances like a unicorn. 🎉

unicorn gif
Exactly your reaction to a shocking news came out of nowhere 🙂

cute unicorn gif

Looks like someone is not happy … but we can’t even annoy when he’s cute like that =))) 😒

cute unicorn gif

Look at theinnocent expression, who can resist him? 😊

best unicorn gif

« Looks like I’ve never seen you around. Nice to meet you 🦄

Unicorn free gif

Don’t be sad, honey. One day we will find you: D

cute unicorn gif

🦄Wow, I’m so fabulous: x 🦄

Interesting unicorn gif

Stand strong with the power of meekness against any fierce rival.

Rainbow unicorn gif

I walk happily on the rainbow, at home.

cute unicorn gif

There is something delicious over there: P 😁

Interesting unicorn gif

Raise your hand if you want to take it home! (so soft: x)

unique unicorn gif

The rainbow is my favorite meal, Which one is yours ?
unicorn gif

Celebrate your special days

Unicorn shop

happy birthday unicorn gif

The best lighting for your birthday party😡 😁

happy birthday unicorn gif

This glorious glittering unicorn will brighten up your party anywhere.
unicorn gif image
Hope you have a good time with our selection of

cute unicorn gif 🙂

Let’s move on


Unicorns and unicorn stuff can brighten up your days instantly thanks to its cute and lively look. Just like the unicorn gif.

Here we offer you a rich collection of funniest gif unicorns that will bring smile to your face. You can use them anywhere, on your post facebook, in your messages with your friends, in the unicorn forum that you visit often. If you like them, they’ll be appreciated by everyone you send them to.

These funny gifs can express all kinds of‘moods in the most exciting way. What could be more fun than watching adorable unicorns doing the coolest things? unexpected and the cutest?

Let’s take a look and take some to enrich your online conversation :

🦄 Rainbow farting unicorn gif 🦄

giphy 1 large

The unicorn rocket rejects a rainbow gas totally respectful of the environment. Better than anyone in the NASA, I guess …: P

cute unicorn gif

Come on, we all want to know what it tastes like;)

funny unicorn gif

For each beautiful Rainbow that we saw, a unicorn had to work hard: D

🦄Unicorn mood transparent gif 🦄

unicorn gif transparent
This is how we show excitement like a unicorn! Use your whole body! 🦄

unicorn gif

Or use your cute rainbow colored tail instead (if you have one, like this hippie unicorn: P)

unicorn gif free

🦄 « I’m cool and I know it » 🦄

« Wait, what? Oops …. »
unicorn gif

Oh yes, every day for a unicorn lover: D 🦄

funny unicorn gif

« I have the impression of being on the moon like on a unicorn » 🦄

unicorn gif happy birthday

The coolest way to celebrate your unicorn friend’s birthday! 🦄

unicorn gif

« Born underestimate never my power! I’ll be your angel or your demon in a moment.  » scary unicorn plush 🦄

Gif unicorn me ugly and nasty

unicorn gif free
The mood of any unicorn lover grabbing cute unicorn stuff online (and realizing it’s out of your reach 🦄 :))))
interesting unicorn gif
And when your unicorn plush toy has been delivered!

I want to be a unicorn too gif
giphy 3 large

🦄 Awkwardly attempting the unicorn dance =)))

cute unicorn gif

« Look at me! I’m a magical unic …………………………………. ………………………………… !!!!! « .

unicorn gif avatar

« 🦄 Me too, I fart the rainbow! Can’t you? 🦄 »

Hope you have fun with it our gif collection. For other more awesome unicorn gifs, stories of interesting unicorn and gorgeous unicorn gifts, visit