Mum, 24, ‘murdered her baby by crushing her skull hours after birth before dumping her body in a Hampshire park’

A MOTHER murdered her baby by crushing the tot’s skull after she was born and then dumped her body in a park, a court has heard today.

Prosecutors allege Babita Rai fatally injured her newborn with « deliberate » repeated blows to the head immediately after she was delivered.

A young mother is accused of crushing her newborn baby's skull before dumping the tot's body at a Hampshire park


A young mother is accused of crushing her newborn baby’s skull before dumping the tot’s body at a Hampshire parkCredit: Solent

The mum, 24, then hid her baby in undergrowth in a Manor Park in Aldershot, Hampshire, where the little one was found days later, it’s alleged.

A gardener discovered the tot’s body as he trimmed shrubs. He initially believed the tiny baby was a « child’s doll », it was heard.

Murder trial jurors today heard Rai – who was 20 at the time she gave birth – was around six months pregnant when she entered the country from Nepal.

It’s claimed she concealed her pregnancy from border officials, her GP, and colleagues at a restaurant she worked at.

She then gave birth « in the dead of night, on her own, behind a tree, with no medical assistance and no painkillers », the court heard.

Prosecutors allege the petite kitchen worker could have been helped by another person in inflicting the injuries on ‘Baby M’ in a « joint enterprise ».

Rai denies charges of murder and infanticide following the death of the baby in May 2017.

Adam Feest QC, prosecuting at Winchester Crown Court, Hampshire, said the baby was born alive at 35 weeks. She weighed 4lbs 12oz. Park keeper David Reece found her body four days later.

Prosecutors allege Babita Rai fatally injured her baby moments after delivery


Prosecutors allege Babita Rai fatally injured her baby moments after deliveryCredit: Solent
The tot's body was found by a gardener trimming shrubs at Manor Park in Aldershot


The tot’s body was found by a gardener trimming shrubs at Manor Park in AldershotCredit: Solent

A colleague of Rai’s said she had spoke about a « lover » that she had in Nepal in terms that suggested an interracial relationship, which Mr Feest said could be « culturally significant ».

« Within a very short time of birth, the baby suffered multiple fractures to her skull with associated internal bleeding and brain swelling, » he told jurors.

« Expert evidence indicates these were the result of multiple blunt force impacts and or significant crush injuries.

« They were deliberately inflicted injuries and could not have been sustained by the baby accidentally, either during the process of labour, even a traumatic one, or afterwards, for example the baby falling on the floor. »

The little girl survived her injuries for between two and 12 hours, he said. However, evidence suggests she died when she was less than six hours old.

Her body, with umbilical cord still attached, was then allegedly concealed in the park, he said.

Rai was discovered to be the baby’s mother following an investigation and DNA testing. She gave a « no comment » interview after her arrest.

However, grainy CCTV footage from the night of the baby’s birth was shown to jurors. It appears to show two people walking away from the park.

And a member of public recalled seeing a small woman in the area looking « dishevelled » and « embarrassed » on the night the tot was born.

The trial, expected to last three weeks, continues.