Masters of the Universe Revelation #2: Skull and Bones

There are some moments in comics, where you put the book down and go “WOW.” This issue contains two of them. Now, I know there has been a lot of controversy over the series that this comic is based on, and in the words of William Shatner, I just have to say: “It’s just a TV show, dammit.” If you don’t like it, nobody’s forcing you to watch it, but be sure that you check this comic out because it’s a game-changer. Authors Kevin Smith, Rob David, and Tim Sheridan all come together to bring you this epic issue, and let me just point out that this is the SECOND issue. Usually, the first or last issues of the series are the big ones, but I honestly don’t see it getting bigger than this. It would take something pretty spectacular.

This is an issue I enjoyed a whole lot and read with my mouth wide open, as I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The story is both well-crafted and well-executed, and never forgets the main focus of the storyline of the series, which is getting the secrets of the Orlax and how that will give them the secrets of Castle Grayskull. This is probably the most entertaining Masters of the Universe comic that I’ve read, and I’ve read them all. Just remember that the series is called “Revelations” for a reason.

Artist Mindy Lee continues to win me over. I think it’s because of the artistic style that she uses in this book, it’s clean and simple, beautiful with just enough detail to have you looking at the backgrounds throughout the issue. Some characters make their debut in this issue and Lee does a great job with them, truly capturing their spirit as well as their unique looks. Artistically, this issue is a real feast for your eyes.