Love Island’s Jack Fincham reveals blood gushing out of his head as he has gruesome cupping treatment

LOVE Island’s Jack Fincham showed off solidified lumps of blood from his head after having gruesome cupping treatment.

The 30-year-old star filmed himself having the ancient form of medicine on his skull -insisting it would rid him of « stress ».

Jack filmed himself having the gory treatment


Jack filmed himself having the gory treatmentCredit: Instagram

Filming himself laying front-down on the bed, Jack told fans: « I tell you what, when I come in here it’s like having a car MOT, changing your oil, it’s the only way I can describe it.

« Look what’s about to come out of my head. »

He then said he could « feel the pressure » as the practitioner pulled the cup from his skull, with blood pouring out onto a towel.

Showing the jellied blood off to the camera, Jack went on: « Look what’s come out of my head, it’s like a trifle. »

He praised the 'pressure' as a practitioner removed a cup from his skull


He praised the ‘pressure’ as a practitioner removed a cup from his skullCredit: Instagram
Jellied lumps of blood were pulled from his head


Jellied lumps of blood were pulled from his headCredit: Instagram

Speaking to the doctor, he asked: « That’s the worst one yet, isn’t it? That’s a lot of toxins, you don’t want that running around your head. »

Jack joked: « It looks like a liver, I reckon I can sell that down the market. »

While the lump of blood was jiggled like a jelly, the star remarked: « No more stress. »

Cupping sees suction cups placed all over the body, which cause blood vessels to expand – filling the containers with blood.

Jack said that it looked like a 'liver'


Jack said that it looked like a ‘liver’Credit: Instagram
He is a huge fan of the unique procedure


He is a huge fan of the unique procedureCredit: Instagram
The star said 'no more stress' after it was done


The star said ‘no more stress’ after it was doneCredit: Instagram

The cups increase blood circulation to wherever they are placed, which relieves muscle tension and facilitates healing with blood flow.

It also draws out stagnant or congested blood – which is what Jack showed off at the end of his treatment.

Cupping is said to have numerous health benefits, including easing anxiety and depression, lowering blood pressure, and helping with rheumatic diseases.

The former Love Island champ is a big fan of the treatment, and has previously documented himself getting it done all over his body.

Cupping is very popular among celebs


Cupping is very popular among celebsCredit: jack_charlesf/Instagram
Jack Fincham undergoes gruesome cupping therapy treatment as ‘dead blood’ is removed from his body

After his first experience, he was visibly stunned by the solidified blood that left his body, saying: « This it madness, it’s like a jellyfish. »

He also spoke of how « amazing » he felt after having toxins sucked from his body.

Cupping often causes bruising and minor skin irritation, with the circular bruises a tell-tale sign that someone has undergone the procedure.

It is hugely popular in the celebrity world, with Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham among the stars to have enjoyed the benefits.