Louis Vuitton’s Carpe Diem Tambour watch tells the time with a skull and a snake

Snakes alive, could this timepiece really be from that well-known house of enviable accoutrements, Louis Vuitton?

A Carpe Diem version of the Tambour, it tells the time on demand, without hands but with a presentation unlike any other.


The Louis Vuitton Tambour Carpe Diem. 

By pressing a reptile-shaped push-piece on the right of the case, a snake’s head lifts to reveal an hour aperture positioned in the centre of a skull, while its tail oscillates towards adjacent minute markings.

Signature monogram flowers appear in lieu of an eye and – yes, there’s more – the skull’s jaw emits a mocking laugh from which emerge the words “Carpe diem” (seize the day).

The complications required to achieve this – a jumping hour, retrograde minute, power reserve display and associated mechanisms (426 parts) – move in a “bafflingly harmonious way” we’re told, while readability, we’re assured, “is peerless”.

No word on cost, but the Carpe Diem was two years in development and patents have been applied for.

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