Les licornes un truc de filles, tout comme le style bohème ! | Royaume de licorne

Unicorns are a girlish thing, just like the bohemian style!


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Unicorns a marginal lifestyle

Cuddly unicorns are often offered to girls of all ages, their pink or multicolored colors are very popular with women. An offbeat and fantastic lifestyle that’s what unicorns are, they are unique and majestic, and suitable for all tastes and tastes just like bohemian fashion. Bohemian style an offbeat look!

This is where we wanted to come. The bohemian style also marginal, indeed born in the 60s at the same time as the rise of the hippie movement in the United States, this dress style this time is a style derived from the hippie style, based on flowing fabrics with ruffles, flared sleeves with bells and other colored embroidery. We are all looking for a unique, precious and unusual style which inevitably leads us at one point to the bohemian style, a dress look close to Hippie chic. These bohemian dresses have very diverse styles, chic, beach, evening, winter and even cocktail. Bohemia, as Aznavour would have said when speaking of this woman from another country, from another presence, says it all. You too want to be the muse of a great musical classic, we advise you to adopt the bohemian style. This flowery and colorful style works for all skin tones, moods and seasons. So don’t hesitate any longer and try the bohemian look in order to stand out with the solid and gloomy colors that we only see too much nowadays in our cities.
For us bohemians the whole year is a pretext to wear this style so special and so joyful.
Did you know that the color of your clothes would have a direct impact on our mood, we understand better why all the women who wear this look have a joie de vivre and a peach that no other manages to have on a daily basis.

Bohemian colors beautify your life

France a few years ago was the country in Europe consuming the most antidepressants, I’m ready to bet that we could have filled this problem with colors, a desire to give a unique soul to each of our outfits instead. to buy the same clothes as everyone else in the same department stores, and that in any case all the brands are copying each other, as much to say that going on the sidewalk opposite will simply change nothing. With the bohemian look we think outside the box, digging a little into vintage and bringing up to date the “Flower Power” which was so popular during the 1960s.

If after all this detailed presentation you are not convinced that you will become a bohemian yourself, then I invite you to try and find someone around you wearing this look, then reality will speak for itself.