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If there is one disguise that is unanimous in terms of comfort, elegance and practicality, it is the unicorn costume ! Indeed, whether we are children or adults, fun times fascinate us all. However, finding the perfect unicorn outfit remains a real headache for many.

This is why, in this article, we suggest you discover the best disguise that suits you (woman, girl, man and boy). As a bonus, we offer you a completely atypical disguise to make the difference: the inflatable unicorn costume.

Unicorn costume for women

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When we talk about “dressing up”, women are the ones we point out the most! Beautiful, sensual and radiant, they must always follow the best trends. In terms of unicorn costume, here are the main tips to consider for a complete and perfect woman’s costume.

  • The unicorn jumpsuit for women

Whether it’s pajamas or a two-piece ensemble, the first step in a « good unicorn costume » is to put on your jumpsuit. Usually pink, blue or white in color, it will allow you to look like a real horse.

Best of all, such a garment has in most cases a hood, a mane, ears, and a horn. If you opt for a one piece model, consider choosing the one with zipper or buttons. Indeed, these are the two designs that offer you more freedom while remaining classy.

With unicorn pajamas, you already have a horn and ears. However, you still have equine eyes. For that, what could be better than a unicorn mask for women? Indeed, although some hoods have unicorn eyes, those of a mask are more original. In addition, such an accessory is one of the essentials for a disguised carnival or a pajama party with friends.

  • Kawaii unicorn slippers

Like a mask, unicorn slippers give you a total look to be as disguised as possible. Although they are most often pampered for the comfort they provide, this is ideal for being comfortable in your outfit. Indeed, they are padded enough to gently warm your feet!

Besides being great companions for the Halloween party, they can also welcome you after a bath or on cold days. If the ceremony is taking place on a hot day, you can replace your thicker slippers with lightweight slippers. Basically, the most important thing is to put on a shoe that better reflects your unicorn costume.

Girl’s unicorn costume

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For a little girl or a teenager, the ideas of unicorn costume are almost unlimited! Indeed, whether it is by putting on a mini unicorn dress, a kirugumi or even a unicorn girl jumpsuit, she will have something to please.

As before, there are unicorn masks to complete the look and look like a « real unicorn ». If she wishes, she can also opt for a unicorn-shaped onesie or a two-piece set. In most cases, the goal is simply to be fun while remaining sexy.

If the unicorn costume is intended for the Halloween party, there are also unicorn makeup for young girls to make a difference. When it comes to shoes, we also think of unicorn slippers or slippers.

The only rule here is to feel beautiful and follow the theme of the evening. If you have opted for unicorn dresses, it is crucial to ask your daughter what she prefers before choosing. Indeed, there are many models for all tastes.

Finally, also think about the small decoration details for a complete unicorn costume. For example, add unicorn bracelets to your arms, unicorn hair clips, etc.

Unicorn costume for men and boys

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For men, it is much easier to dress up as a unicorn. Although it is not often the first choice at the expense of superhero jumpsuits, it is also a good alternative. If you have chosen a unicorn costume for men, the most important thing is to start with the body. For that, what better than a two piece unicorn costume ?

Although it is possible to find in our shop many unicorn pajamas for men and boys, the smartest thing is to opt for a two-piece model. Indeed, in addition to being more masculine, such a disguise gives you more freedom of movement.

Generally, it is accompanied with cozy and comfortable slippers. As for a unicorn girl costume or woman, you have the possibility of bringing a special touch by adding a make-up.

Yes, it is not because we are a man that we should deprive ourselves of atmosphere. If it’s a unicorn costume for a boy, you can also think of some fun little accessories to complete the look. The most important here is simply to reflect a real unicorn.

As a bonus, inflatable unicorn costume

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As promised, let’s talk about the inflatable unicorn costume! Optimized for adults and children, this is the perfect outfit to be unique and embrace your love for the unicorn. Usually multicolored rainbow and glamorous, it is a real companion for halloween and for fancy dress parties.

For women and girls, models with small flowers highlight your femininity and are therefore the ones to choose. As for the men, an inflatable unicorn costume sober color will do.

And what inflatable costume has more followers, it is mainly for its mixed side. Indeed, it is « master key » and suitable for everyone. Therefore, if you want to give a unicorn gift to a loved one, this is a significant idea. In France, many people adopt it for festive occasions and are not disappointed.

After unicorns, if you love dinosaurs, we have the best dinosaur costumes for you

If you run out of ideas for dinosaur costumes, you can’t go wrong with a dinosaur costume. The most popular is undoubtedly the inflatable dinosaur costume, but there are also plush fabric slippers, perfect for adults and children. Inflatable options are powered by double AA or triple AAA fans. Some even have a roar sound !

Looking at the feedback from buyers, we see that these wacky costumes run around hilariously. This eerie contrast of terror and hilarity makes them cosplay favorites whether you’re celebrating Halloween or taking part in a corporate costume contest, it can be a bit difficult to put it on for the first time. You will need to insert your head and arms first, then bring your legs in. A little warning: if you wear the costume in public, you will attract a lot of good (and bad) attention!

Every once in a while, you may have a costume party that you have to attend, or you have to take your child out for a ride or a treat. It’s no fun going out in a suit or in a casual outfit. Do you need a perfect costume – a perfect dinosaur costume?

The costumes more common are vampires, pumpkins, skeletons, wizards but you will hardly see anyone dressed as dinosaurs. These unique costumes allow you to be funny, cute, playful, and scary without worrying about what other people think of you.