Le Top 20 des gâteaux licornes

Unicorns are a big trend 🦄, and you might have already received a request for a unicorn cake 🎂 – don’t panic, we’ve got you covered with a Top 20 Unicorn Cakes You Can Make At Home 🥰!

Either it’s about cupcakes or from tiered cakes, unicorn cakes are very important 🔝. Take a look at all the fantastic and magical cakes below, and don’t forget to tell us about your favorites in the comments below! ⬇️

Here is our collection of magnificent ➡️ cake molds⬅️

Top 20 best unicorn cake ideas to make for birthdays!

Top 20 2 tier unicorn cake

If you are looking to recreate unicorn emoji 🦄 in the form of a cake, then this is the tutorial for you!

Top 19 easy to make unicorn cake

Copie de Top10 56

We found this unicorn cake on Pinterest, and we love the way the unicorn was created on two levels. Hair arconsky, hearts and a pretty border finish this unicorn in style!

Top 18 unicorn cake with faceCopie de Top10 57

You miss time or baking skill ❔🤔 Transform a cake simple cake unicorn like this version of Cakes.com. A multicolored buttercream mane, unicorn horn, ears, and a few flowing eyelashes are all it takes to make a drastic difference from a homemade traybake (or bought in stores) ordinary.

Top 17 unicorn cake with heart

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Bake a cake double height and a majestic horn for your unicorn cake, and you will be able to recreate this rainbow handmade cake. Although this one is available in kit Craftsy, you can take inspiration from the finished product to make your unicorn cake.

unicorn mold

Top 16 unicorn chibi cake

Copie de Top10 59

It may be one of the prettiest unicorns cake all time ! The Frosting Artist uses a cake in the shape of dome to create this unicorn cake, embellishing with cream hair butter pastel and eyes inspired by cartoons – magnificent ! 😍

Top 15 unicorn cakes for kids

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The signature of a unicorn cake is the magical unicorn horn and sparkling.

Copie de Top10 61

This fun unicorn cake idea comes from Pinterest – all it takes is a simple white cake and multicolored fondant ‘hair’ strands that you can just set up. A silver horn, of cute little unicorn ears and a few wired stars finish off this magical look.

Cupcakes licorne

These cupcakes, as can be seen on Party Delights, can be enjoyed at any unicorn birthday party – even if they are almost too good to eat!

Top 14 unicorn cake (cupcake) with horn

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Top 13 mini unicorn cupcake

Copie de Top10 63

Top 12 unicorn cupcake on ice cream cone

Copie de Top10 64

Top 11 unicorn cake with blue icingCopie de Top10 65

Top 10 unicorn cake in the shape of a unicorn

Copie de Top10 66

Top 9 high-end unicorn cake

Copie de Top10 67

Top 8 unicorn cake for girl birthday

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Top 7 unicorn cake to make at home

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Top 6 unicorn cake with white icingCopie de Top10 70

Top 5 multicolored unicorn cake

Copie de Top10 71

Top 4 cute unicorn cake

Copie de Top10 72

Top 3 realistic 2-tier unicorn cake

Copie de Top10 73

Top 2 unicorn cake with candies

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Top 1 beautiful unicorn cake

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here is our Top 20 unicorn cakes, I hope you will choose one of these. Otherwise we meet tomorrow for a next blog on the theme of unicorns.