Jeff Wittek claims he’ll ‘smash David Dobrik’s skull’ as he accepts his challenge for a fight

Jeff Wittek has challenged David Dobrik to enter the ring in the latest YouTuber boxing bout. On June 21st, Jeff Wittek posted a YouTube video to his main channel titled « Boxing Strangers In Miami. »

In the video, Jeff Wittek goes to Miami beach with friend Mike Majlak, a fellow YouTuber, and offers haircuts to strangers before asking if they would like to fight him on the beach.

Jeff Wittek provided boxing gloves to strangers and set a one-minute timer for each fight. Many of the fights were against two strangers because of Jeff’s head injury, but he stepped in for two fights.

Wittek, along with David Dobrik and friends, attended the YouTuber vs TikToker boxing match that occurred on June 12th. At the end of the video, the cameraman asks Dobrik who he would fight in the ring.

« This is a lot of pressure because I know if I say it, I’ll have to go through with it. Jeff Wittek, I’ll see you in the ring. »

The video then cuts to black with the caption reading ‘100k likes and I’ll smash David’s skull / Sign the contract Dave’.

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David Dobrik challenges Jeff Wittek to a fight

For context, in June 2020, David Dobrik and the ‘Vlog Squad’ attempted a vlogging stunt from a swinging excavator controlled by Dobrik. Dobrik allegedly accelerated the excavator which caused Jeff Wittek to hit the machine and sustained multiple serious injuries that required surgery. Wittek’s doctor claimed he could have lost his eyesight.

During a YouTube documentary on Jeff Wittek’s page, Wittek recalled feeling resentment towards David Dobrik after the accident. Jeff Wittek is still currently healing from the accident and is in the process of reconstructing his face.

After this clip surfaced on Twitter via user DefNoodles, many commented on how cathartic Jeff Wittek would feel after fighting David Dobrik in the ring. Some expressed concern for Jeff Wittek stepping into the ring after serious injuries.

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However, the majority has taken it as a joke between friends. David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek have no longer made social comments on the matter and there is no other discussion on whether the fight will take place.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul