Is Apex Legends’ Skull Town coming back this Thursday?

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor brought in a lot of new features. But it also brought about the death of the playerbase’s beloved Skull Town in Kings Canyon. From the Season 5 Trailer, we saw the new Legend Loba blowing up Skull Town in an attempt to avenge her family by killing the “Synthetic Nigthmare” Revenant. While Loba didn’t get to kill Revenant, she was successful in making Skull Town go ka-poof.

Game Director Chad Grenier said that in order to come up with significant changes to Kings Canyon, getting rid of one of the most popular drop zones in Apex Legends was necessary. Doing so would add more meaning to the map’s alterations. Just like everyone else, Grenier favored Skull Town. However, he was completely on board with blowing up the place just to keep the game fresh and get the fans intrigued on what other disastrous events could take place in the coming updates. In a way, it keeps everyone on their toes.

Then, out of nowhere, the official Apex Legends Twitter account sent out a cryptic tweet. “What if we brought back Skull Town,” the tweet reads.

Director of Communications Ryan Rigney then retweeted the post. He says that patch notes will be coming this Thursday, June 24. As expected, the retweet of the cryptic message fueled speculations and rumors. At this point, is it safe to say that Skull Town is indeed coming back? How, and in what way could they bring it back? It will be interesting to see how Respawn will be able to bring back Skull Town into Apex Legends, given that they blew the place up.

All things are unclear at the moment but this is indeed huge news for the fans of the chaotic point of interest. Without a doubt, everyone is excited to find out how exactly Respawn Entertainment plans on bringing back Skull Town. There are just so many questions surrounding this update. Hopefully, Respawn doesn’t decide to sacrifice another beloved location.

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