How Kong’s GvK Ending Can Make Him A Better Hero

The change in status quo that Godzilla vs. Kong gave to Kong can make him a better hero for the MonsterVerse by giving him a role akin to Godzilla’s.

The ending given to Kong in Godzilla vs. Kong can make him into a much better hero. Kong has always been a sympathetic and heroic figure in the MonsterVerse, but living on Skull Island has held him back.

The MonsterVerse changed the status quo for Kong by revealing that a storm has ravaged Skull Island to a point where it’s no longer a suitable habitat for its Titan ruler. As a result, Dr. Nathan Lind (Alexander Skarsgård) was able to persuade Dr. Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) into letting the monster lead an expedition into the hidden Hollow Earth world and the land of Kong’s ancestors. Unfortunately, they didn’t find any other living members of Kong’s species, but the silver lining is that it’s now Kong’s new home. Since Skull Island was essentially an extension of the Hollow Earth ecosystem, it’s a somewhat familiar environment for him.

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The biggest difference between them is the size and scope of this place, and that’s what will make Kong’s MonsterVerse future so different from what came before. Having been the apex predator on Skull Island for decades, Kong already knows what it’s like to be a king, but the responsibilities he’ll have as alpha of the Hollow Earth are far greater. He has a much more expansive world to oversee and protect, which means more threats to fight. Considering that he was forced into a battle within minutes of arriving in the Hollow Earth, there’s no telling what other giant monsters he’ll encounter in the months and years to come. There could be all sorts of terrifying creatures looking to wreak havoc in the Hollow Earth, with some possibly being Titans vying for alpha status.

Kong’s heroic potential has been limited on Skull Island. It’s for this reason that he hasn’t had a chance to be the hero that the MonsterVerse’s Godzilla is. While the humans regarded Kong as a savior in Godzilla vs. Kong, it was actually Godzilla who deserved this recognition the most. After all, it was he who came to humanity’s rescue when the MUTOs showed up and when the eco-terrorists unleashed Ghidorah. He was also the only Titan actively trying to prevent Mechagodzilla’s activation. Godzilla has been the Earth’s champion, whereas Kong has been focused on safeguarding just one island.

Now that he lives in the Hollow Earth, Kong has so much more to be concerned about. It’s important to note that there are multiple entry points to the Hollow Earth, some of which being tunnels that Monarch may not have knowledge of yet. So not only is Kong responsible for protecting his own massive domain, but he may be the only thing capable of stopping powerful, Hollow Earth Titans from invading the surface and causing mass destruction on the planet. Thanks to Godzilla vs. Kong’s ending, the former king of Skull Island is in a good position to aid in Godzilla’s efforts to watch over the Earth.

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