Halo Infinite Leak Confirms First Skulls

Leaked screen captures of Halo Infinite’s menus reveal what looks like the first confirmed Skulls for the upcoming first-person shooter.

With Halo Infinite‘s first « Technical Preview » now concluded, it seems like the dam’s broken regarding leaked information about the upcoming shooter. Screenshots of Halo Infinite‘s menus, datamines of different armor pieces, and more information is being shared within Halo communities. One especially interesting bit of leaked info is a first look at Halo Infinite‘s Skulls. A screenshot of the Halo Infinite Skulls menu has been broken down by fans to see which Skulls are returning.

According to the Halo Infinite Skulls menu, there are currently 13 Skulls in the game. The menu itself doesn’t list the Skulls’ names or their effect, but that’s not necessary for Halo fans familiar with over a decade of unlocking Skulls in Halo games. According to Redditor TheRageful, the 13 Skulls shown in the Halo Infinite menu include Bandana, Black Eye, Blind, Catch, Cloud/Fog, Cowbell, Famine, Grunt Birthday Party, Iron, IWHBYD, Mythic, and Thunderstorm. They add that the last skull could be Boom, but that they aren’t certain.

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Those names may not mean much to Halo fans who haven’t partaken in the challenges unlocked with Skulls, but others will know exactly what they can look forward to in Halo Infinite. There’s only one purely beneficial Skull, as Bandanna offers infinite ammo, but the rest increase the challenge of Halo Infinite to varying degrees. Mythic increases enemy health, Cloud/Fog removes the motion tracker, and Black Eye makes shield regeneration only trigger on melee hits. There are also two fun Skulls, with Grunt Birthday Party making Grunt headshots explode in confetti and IWHBYD triggering rare dialogue.

Some Halo fans may be questioning why Halo Infinite only has 13 Skulls available. There’s no simple answer to that question. There are 38 different Skulls included in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, so there’s plenty more to choose from. It’s most likely that this leaked menu doesn’t show all of Halo Infinite‘s skulls, but it’s also possible that 343 wants to start with only a few available and perhaps add more later.

Even the leaked menu screen for Skulls in Halo Infinite is clearly unfinished. It’s just a series of checkboxes next to Skull symbols. As such, it’s hard not to believe that this list of Skulls isn’t representative of what will be included in Halo Infinite upon full launch.

Skulls have been an important part of the Halo experience going back to the original game. Every game launch is filled with Halo fans hunting for Skulls, like a community-wide treasure hunt. The Skulls allow players to not only challenge themselves to their fullest extent, but also do a lot of fun, creative things in-game like launching themselves into otherwise inaccessible areas of the map. The more Skulls the better, and Halo Infinite looks to be starting with some exciting picks.

Halo Infinite releases later this year on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Reddit

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