Grave of Rabbi Nachman’s daughter vandalized with pig skulls – report

 The gravesite of Sarah, daughter of the famous hassidic leader Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, was vandalized, with pieces of pigs, including a skull, left behind, haredi news outlet Kikar Hashabat reported.

The vandalization took place in the city of Kremenchuk, Ukraine, where she was buried 186 years ago, with other family members being buried in the same cemetery.

The vandalism was spotted by Breslov hassidim who visited the grave on Monday, who reported it to the police, claiming it to have been an act of antisemitism.

« This is not the first time antisemites have harmed the grave, » Breslov hassid Rabbi Avraham Chezin told Kikar Hashabbat, adding that he hopes the vandals will be found and taken to court.

As Chezin noted, this is not the first time vandals have harmed this grave, or done similar things.


In 2016, antisemitic vandals targeted the grave of Rabbi Nachman himself, using a pig’s head and red paint splatters at the gravesite in Uman.

Rebbe Nachman, spiritual leader of the Breslov Hassidim, was born in the city of Medzhybizh in 1772 and died in Uman in 1810. Since then, Uman has become a mecca for Bratslavers, the name by which his followers are known. About 150,000 people visit Rebbe Nachman’s grave every year. 

Tamara Zieve and Asher Weber contributed to this report.