Ghidorah’s Skulls In Godzilla vs Kong Create A KOTM Plot Hole

Apparently, APEX somehow had not one, but two Ghidorah skulls in Godzilla vs. Kong. This creates a large King of the Monsters plot hole.

Ghidorah’s two skulls in Godzilla vs. Kong create a Godzilla: King of the Monsters plot hole. A detail that may have gone unnoticed by many viewers is that the movie’s villains actually had not one, but two of Monster Zero’s heads. The problem is that this doesn’t make much sense in the MonsterVerse’s canon. During their second battle in King of the Monsters, Godzilla bit off Ghidorah’s left head.

In the immediate aftermath of the fight, Ghidorah used his regenerative abilities to replace it. The head made a reappearance in the movie’s post-credits scene, where it was purchased by Jonah (Charles Dance) for some unknown purpose. It came back into play in Godzilla vs. Kong when the characters learned it was being used to bring Mechagodzilla online. According to Bernie (Brian Tyree Henry), APEX must have had two skulls and were using the heads’ telepathic communication powers to control Mechagodzilla. Bernie theorized that they used Ren Serizawa’s psionic uplink to connect with a second skull that was located inside the mechanized Titan’s body.

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The second skull mentioned in Godzilla vs. Kong was never shown, but the movie’s novelization confirmed Bernie’s theory was right. A chapter in the book revealed that between the events of the two movies, Walter Simmons (Demián Bichir) bought both of them from Jonah. How Jonah acquired one needs no explanation thanks to King of the Monsters’ post-credits scene, but how he got the second is a mystery with no clear answer. In fact, the skull’s mere existence seems to be a plot hole. Including the one Godzilla bit off, Ghidorah had a total of four heads over the course of the story. Two were obliterated by his nuclear pulse when he was in his burning form, and a third was eviscerated by his atomic breath when it was in his mouth.

Godzilla Vs Kong Ghidorah Skull

Nothing was left of the three destroyed heads to be salvaged, yet APEX inexplicably had one in their possession, and neither the movie nor the novelization attempt to make heads or tails of this mystery. It’s true that Ghidorah possesses regenerative capabilities, which could lead some to wonder if Jonah used his DNA to genetically engineer a second one. However, the problem with that theory is if the enterprising villain Jonah did have the scientists and the resources at his disposal to do such a thing, he should have been able to hand over all three heads. In the book, Simmons was disappointed that two was all Jonah could get his hands on. So all things considered, it’s likely that Jonah gave the heads to Simmons because there really wasn’t anything he could do with them.

Unless Jonah somehow uncovered a lost Ghidorah head from thousands of years ago (which also feels quite unlikely), it appears there isn’t a logical answer that would make sense of the second skull. Since it was never shown and was largely overlooked by audiences, it may not be viewed as a major issue for the story. But, it had a lot to do with how Mechagodzilla functions in the MonsterVerse, so it would have been preferable for Godzilla vs. Kong to have found some way to explain it.

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