‘Fortnite’ Party Trooper, Sparkle Skull Skins Leaked! Rumored Release Date, How to Get, and MORE

Recent leaks say that two of the best « Fortnite » skins are coming back soon! Skull Ranger and Skull Trooper are said to be joining the upcoming Rift Tour (featuring Ariana Grande) with brand-new styles.

As Sportskeeda mentioned, Skull Ranger and Skull Trooper were once fan-favorite skins in « Fortnite » when they were rare. These skins are incredibly cool in-game because the bone design patterns are customizable to glow up. The skins looked great in daylight and even better at night.

Both skins were released in Chapter 1, marking it as incredibly limited to early players. However, « Fortnite » later added them back to the Item Shop due to high customer demand.

For the upcoming Rift Tour with guest singer Ariana Grande, data miner HYPEX leaked the release of Party Skull Ranger and Party Skull Trooper.

‘Fortnite’ Party Trooper and Sparkle Skull Skins Leaked

To clarify, the two incoming skins would be Party Trooper and Sparkle Skull. Both are obviously designed after the iconic Skull Ranger and Skull Trooper, respectively.

Note, however, that Party Trooper and Sparkle Skull are not skin styles added to the pre-existing Skull Ranger and Skull Trooper.

Instead, Party Trooper and Sparkle Skull will be two completely new skins sold separately in the Item Shop. Both are said to be priced at 1200 V-Bucks.

There are some new notable features added to these two skins. Party Trooper has a few sparkles flying around him, and Sparkle Skull’s eyes cry glitter tears. It is not certain, but these skins might be reactive to the Rift Tour concert music.

YouTuber Pizo discussed Party Trooper in his latest video. The YouTuber highlighted the announcement, « Attend a Rift Tour show from August 6 to August 8 and unlock the exclusive Neon Party Trooper style for Party Trooper! »

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‘Fortnite’ Rift Tour With Ariana Grande

No official release date was given for the Party Trooper and Sparkle Skull. However, the community is convinced that the skins would be released before the Rift Tour event. Players should see both skins sometime soon in the Item Shop.

Another reason for players to get hyped up is the freebies and mission rewards they can unlock on « Fortnite » Rift Tour. Leaker FN_Assist said some rewards might include: Ariana Grande’s Second Set, Neon Party Trooper style, and Bear Hug emote.

Other challenges and their respective rewards are also listed as:

  • « Interact with the Rift Posters » – Reward: Rift-sterpiece spray
  • « Use an Alien Hologram Pad on top of the Party UFO » – Reward: Cloud Kitty emote
  • « Save the date in the Rift Tour tab and play a match » – Reward: Cosmic Cuddles Loading Screen
  • « Attend the Rift Tour » – Reward: Cuddly Cloudcruiser commemorative Umbrella

Don’t miss out on « Fortnite » live events happening this August 6. Full details and schedule for Ariana Grande’s Island Concert are listed in this article.

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