Excessive Repeated Keyword

In order to help you create the perfect page we take a look at why excessive repeated keywords is detrimental to the health of your site. Plus we also explain a little more about keyword density in relation to your website and how the keywords should be placed.

So why can using too many keywords in content for a website or article prove detrimental to it?

If you stuff your article or website content with too many keywords then the spiders which crawl the internet for the search engines may think you are trying to trick them into indexing the item in question with the search engines. Instead what these spiders will do is penalize you for this and the content or article you have written may not actually get indexed at all so of course the ranking your website then receives is going to be affected. This in turn means that all your potential customers will be directed to other sites instead. Also the excessive use of keywords within such items can actually result in your site being blacklisted and the search engines then removing it completely from their database.

What Exactly Is Keyword Density?

When we are talking about this aspect of writing an article we are talking about the number of times the keywords you are using appear within it. You should actually try to keep the number of times you use a particular word within the document down to a minimum. For example in a 300 word article the keyword you use should only really appear 3 times at the most. So meaning that is makes up 3% of the whole article. Generally it is best to allow only between 2 and 3% of your article to include the words you are using to get people to visit your site. However, in some cases you can include it at least 5% of the time.

Where Should The Keywords Be Placed?

Above we have explained why excessive repeated keywords within an article can prove detrimental. However, it is also important that you use them in the right position. Ideally when writing any articles the keyword you are including should be somewhere in the first paragraph as well as in the last. Plus you can include once or twice within the article as well.

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