Exam Will Help ID Human Skull Found in South Carolina | South Carolina News

BLACKSBURG, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina coroner says a full examination will be performed next week on a human skull found in Cherokee County to help determine who it belongs to.

Coroner Dennis Fowler said the remains were found on the side of an ATV trail Thursday about 1:15 p.m.

Fowler said investigators from his office and the sheriff’s office responded to the scene and spent several hours walking the property with a cadaver dog but no other remains were found, WYFF-TV reported.

Fowler said the skull appears to have come from another area, possibly through storm drainage or having been transferred by another animal.

The skull is that of a male, according to an anthropologist who reviewed photographs provided by Fowler’s office Friday. He said a more thorough examination of the skull will help determine race. He said the skull does contain some teeth, which will also assist in the investigation.

Fowler said he believes the death happened between six and 12 months ago.

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